Say Yes to A Beautiful You With Microneedling Alpharetta

Some people are just born with great skin, and they probably have their genes to thank for it. Most people on the other hand are not so fortunate, one of the most difficult phase that you could go through in your adolescence is that of pimples, breakouts and acne. The problem is that when you have had acne, the scarring on your face almost never goes away, and will scar you for life, unless you do something about it. Even if you have outgrown your pimples and acne, the trace of them invading your face still remains, and for most can be a source of insecurities and feeling that one is not beautiful or pretty, and therefore not attractive at all. Fortunately, new developments in skin care and treatment has brought Microneedling Alpharetta and there is now hope for those stubborn acne scars and dark spots.

Microneedling Alpharetta is not just for younger women who wants to get rid of their acne scars and dark spots but also for those mature aging women who wants to halt the aging of their pretty faces from wrinkles, sunspots and lines. With this treatment, older women can also regain that youthful and supple skin they had when they were younger. Microneedling may be for everyone who wants to have smooth flawless skin in the face, neck, hands and arms, so better read on and see if it is something that you would consider to have or it could be the answer to your beauty goals.

What is Microneedling Alpharetta and Does it Work?

Microneedling Alpharetta is a cosmetic procedure that is also known as skin needling or collagen induction therapy. It is a cosmetic procedure for the rejuvenation of the skin in the face and in any other parts of the body. The rejuvenation process is triggered by the skin injury brought about by the microneedles in the microneedling pen that the aestheticians use. By making controlled injuries into the skin, the skin on its own will trigger its natural healing process and therefore will produce new skin that is more supple, firm and without the scars of the original skin. It is like peeling from within, wherein the new and younger looking skin is brought to the surface, replacing the old one.

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Microneedline has been found to have amazing results, although it does not happen overnight, in order to achieve that really firm and smooth skin, you might have to have three to nine sessions, with about a space of one month per session. This is an intensive and aggressive treatment, and the skin has to be given the opportunity to heal itself, thus, it cannot be fast tracked or be given without ample time to heal from each session.

Microneedling Alpharetta is your best option if you want to finally say goodbye to all those scars, pigments, sunspots, stretchmarks and wrinkles in your face, neck, arms and hands. There is no fault in wanting to feel prettier and be more confident about how you look. So if you have tried everything and still you feel that it is not enough, then getting a microneedling treatment may be the answer you have been looking for.

Is Microneedling Alpharetta Safe?

Since Microneedling Alpharetta involves the surgical and controlled wounding of the face through microneedles, there is always some risks involved. However, you are assured that the aesthetic technicians who are carrying out the procedure are skilled and certified in it. A legit clinic would not let anyone else operate the microneedling pen and conduct the procedure to the clients. Also, microneedling is not advisable for people who currently have inflamed acnes or opened lesions in the skin as the procedure may only spread the bacteria all over the face and will result to increased risks of inflammation and infection. The clinic will however assess the condition of your skin if it can undergo microneedling, but if not, then you just need to follow the preparatory steps and come back when the breakouts or lesions have healed.

The procedure involves the use of a pen with microneedles in it, so it will entail a little discomfort and this can even be minimized by the numbing gel that is placed on the skin before the procedure. This gel is hypoallergenic and safe and will therefore not cause any untoward reactions. While the microneedling is being done, the aestheticians will also use a lubricant for the skin, if you are concerned with any reactions to it or to its safety, there is also an option where the patient’s own plasma will be used as the lubricant. In this way, you are really assured that there are no foreign substances that will be used in your face.

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Is Microneedling Alpharetta Effective?

After getting Microneedling Alpharetta, you can see visible results in about a week from the treatment. Right after the first session, the face will be red and will look a bit sensitive, but this is normal and should not be a cause for concern. The days after, the skin in the face will start to turn brown and peeling will occur. This would mean that the skin is finally onto the process of rejuvenating itself through micropeeling. After the peeling process, the skin will then resurface and will be radiant, firmer and glowing. No to skin are the same and the process may be faster or slower for any patient, hence there should be at least four weeks of spacing after each treatment. Depending on your skin’s condition, you may need around three sessions if you only have minor issues like sunspots and a few lines, but for those who need a more aggressive treatment, it is advised to have from six to nine sessions. Those who have gone through microneedling say that it is very effective and that they are happy with the results, however, one should always follow the aftercare procedures and make sure to come back on the scheduled date so that the overall effect would be the best one.

Is There An Equipment Used in Microneedling Alpharetta?

The microneedling procedure use only one equipment, and it is preferably the microneedling pen, the pen contains very fine microneedles that are applied to every part of the face. Each session would last from an hour or so depending on the condition of the skin. A microneedling pen is the choice of most spas and clinic as it is more hygienic since it is easy to change the pen tips or needles for every patient. There is also a microneedling roller which is not very safe to use on a clinic since it is difficult to sanitize and is for a one person use only. It is dangerous to use a microneedling pen or roller that have not been properly sterilized as it may only spread bacteria and cause infection on your face. Remember, microneedling involves wounding your skin at the deeper level.

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Is There Any Downtime in Microneedling Alpharetta?

After a session of Microneedling Alpharetta, the face will be a bit red from the procedure and that is expected, at this time, the patient should avoid places that are full of bacteria like malls, train stations, supermarkets and any other public places. The face is very prone to infection at this time, and therefore the patient should directly go home from the clinic. It is also advised that the patient not put any substance on the face or rub it with any cloth, it is important to also wear a mask during this time. After 24 hours, the redness will be expected to subside, and the patient can resume his or her regular activities, but are still advised to not go to public places where the potential for infection is high. The face will then start peeling and in a matter of five to seven days, a new glowing and firm skin will be revealed.

How Much Does It Cost?

Microneedling Alpharetta is not a onetime procedure, you need to come back for a series of treatments, thus it is also priced accordingly in terms of the number of sessions you will have. The clinic will tell you how many sessions you should have and you will just have to pay for what is required or you can opt for a single treatment if you are still not ready to have the packaged sessions. The payment options can be a onetime session or a package of sessions. The one session is priced lowest, but you get substantial bargains if you purchase the package options.

And There is More to Microneedling Alpharetta

Microneedling can also be used to stimulate hair growth by using the platelet rich plasma therapy. In this procedure, the microneedling pen is directed into the parts of the scalp that has no hair and infuse the hair follicles with the plasma rich substance which will also stimulate the hair follicles by increasing the supply of blood and then it also stimulates it to grow and thus will lead to a healthier scalp and hair growth and even thickening of the hair.

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