Top Health Risks for Women

Health Recommendations for Women by Age
The importance of the annual medical exam
Time for baby and me
Focus on a healthy, balanced diet – but stop dieting.
Women’s Heart health
What are signs of menopause.
Active senior years

Many women put you’re their own health needs on the back burner because they have so many other demands on their time — job, partner, kids, parents or even the dog! — you’re not alone. Women juggle a lot and often place themselves at the bottom of the to-do list.

Women have different needs as they grow older. It is important for every woman to invest in their health by making good lifestyle choices like following a nutritious diet, exercising, managing stressors, avoiding tobacco and limiting alcohol intake so they may have a healthier and brighter future.

It is important to understand the top health risks for women, such as heart disease and breast cancer. But for many women, effectively managing other matters that affect daily health, such as premenstrual syndrome, birth control, fertility, menopause, weight management and more, also is key to enjoying a vibrant life. And the health concerns change as you age- what impacts your health in your twenties is far different than when you are in your fifties- and beyond.