How to Avoid Sports Injuries

 The weather might be getting colder, but football season is heating up again! Whether your sport is played indoors or out, athlete’s need to be in top shape to compete. That means preventing your body Read More

How to Save Money on Healthcare

Even if you’ve got a comprehensive insurance plan, not all costs are covered. Healthcare can be expensive these days – but you’re not alone in looking for tips to reduce costs. Thankfully, there are a Read More

What does water do for you?

ON a hot day there is very little that feels as good as an ice cold glass of water. But water is more than just refreshing; it is essential to the survival of every living Read More

Filtered Water vs. Tap Water

Turing on the tap is probably one of the first things you do in the morning.  It may be because you brush your teeth before doing anything else or you may want that important cup Read More

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