How Do I Fix a Vape Pen Battery

Vaping is better than smoking. People are trying to give up smoking, and they are benefitted from vaping. It is a budget-friendly product, good to use with e-liquids or nicotine salts. In our local market, we can readily find and purchase vape. Moreover, it is a low-cost product with an extended lifetime. When we are considering the life-span of a product, the battery issue comes to our mind. The battery problem of a product is so annoying to a user. Vape pens aren’t so strong, and they may break or stop working sometimes. 

No one wants to change a vape kit for a single battery. We have some methods to recover a vape pen battery. These methods will help you to recover the battery without the hassle of buying a new one.

510 Threaded vape pens

There are many kinds of batteries available in our local market. 510 threaded vape pens are famous among them. Many people buy these pens for the battery’s advantages. The 510 threaded vape pen has standard oil cartridges and pre-filled oil cartridges. We can easily recover this pen’s battery with the help of some simple steps.

Sometimes we get in the panic

Many people get in a panic for not pressing five times the main button. Before you buy a new vape pen, please make sure that you have pressed the button five times.

Some knowledge about coils and cartridge

The coils in the vape can change easily. You can easily replace the coil and get a new condition to your battery. If you are a regular user, you have to change the coil or cartridges frequently. First, you have to check the connection of the battery. Use a cotton ball and alcohol to clean up your device. If you find it all good, your first task is done.

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Broken battery- A huge problem?

Often we find our battery is broken. How sad, isn’t it? 510 batteries last longer than other ordinary batteries. Yes, it is a huge problem. It would be best if you were concerned about your battery. Sometimes we drop our vape pens and get wet. These unnatural uses are lowering the battery’s life span. If you are using your vape pen regularly and a heavy user, you should use 510 thread batteries and good quality vape juice

How to fix a vape pen battery

Sometimes batteries suddenly stopped working. To fix the battery, you have to perform these steps-

Smoothly pull up (about 1mm) the center part of the pin and slowly round them. Try to pull a little bit of another side too. If it doesn’t work properly, pull the pin a little more. But be careful, don’t detach the pin from the battery.

Some easy hacks can change our life. In our life problems are not as vital as how we think. Solve the problems with some easy tricks first. Don’t panic or pressurize yourself with complex thinking. Vape batteries do not spoil easily by normal uses. It hampers because of the user’s wrong way to treat them.

You need to clean everyday batteries, don’t hit back on the pen, and protect it from water. 

Overtighten the tank is another reason for damaging your vape pen battery. So try to tighten the screw as natural pressure. Make sure all the time, batteries need to connect with pins. 


If you want to recover your vape pen, try these steps in your home before buying a new battery. It is better to invest in a new thing, adjust to the old one. Try to save money and invest them in the right place.

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