4 Awesome Blazed Vapes Starter Kits to Spice up Your Lives

Want to make a smart and less health-hazardous choice by relaxing with vaping? Check out these starter kits that allow both convenience and stylish use. 

According to a global survey, the World Health Organization has shown a steady fall in the approximate number of nicotine smokers in recent times. In the case of Vaping though, it’s a different story altogether– market research group Euromonitor estimates the number of vaping adults in 2021 to grow into 55 million!

The rising popularity of vapes is owed mainly to three things–

  • a general notion that vapes are less health hazardous than smoking, 
  • the per-use cost of vapes compared to nicotine cigarettes is lower, and 
  • the many enticing fresh flavorings that the vape cartridges come with, from various fruit flavors to chocolate, apple-pie, masala, and more.

No wonder, a lot of people today, including young adults, are converting from smoking traditional cigarettes to vaping and using e-cigarettes. It is a healthier and more cost-effective choice to make, and there are better chances of success by switching to vaping if someone is planning to quit smoking in this lifetime!

In this article, check out 4 awesome vaping starter kits from Blazed Vapes if you want to go down that road too:

Smok Novo Ultra-Portable Kit

Pod system vapes from this series are stunning to look at and are available in a range of bright chrome colors. The built of these pods is compact and sturdy, also, comes fitted with a hand-held battery, and the pods can fit snugly into a bay in the battery holder. 

There are no hassling buttons to deal with as these pods are simply draw-activated. Another convenience is the easy-to-use USB charging for powerful 450 mAH batteries. 

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The kit comes with two refill pods of 2 ml capacity. Get indulging vapor hits with any flavorsome e-liquid of your choice!

Vaporesso Revenger Mod Full Kit

This futuristic kit hits up to 200 watts and above with a dual-18650 power battery mod and a great NRG tank. The model utilizes the amazing functionality of the OMNI Board and has provision for internal USB charging. Adding to the state of the art ensemble, the NRG tank comes fitted with a set of GT Cores sub-ohm coils. Charging is as easy as it gets with an internal USB. 

The outer look oozes suaveness with all the ergonomic contours in the right places, streamlined design, and a durable aluminum alloy shell. The Revenger Kit turns on a screensaver when you are not vaping! Who could have thought of that! 

Smok Nord Pod System

Another pod vape kit to the list, this model is powered by a built-in 1100mAh battery and carries replacement pod cartridges potent of firing up to 10W to 15 W stable vape shots. The system is leakage proof, coming with a low voltage indicator. The Smok Nord Pod range features up to 6 vibrant colors.

Smoke Vape Light Edition Pen Kit 

Pen-style vaping devices like this light edition kit strike with all kinds of users. These can fire up to 60W maximum output without asking you to compromise with the slick built of the device. There’s a side-mounted USB port you can recharge the device by, even in your car. 

The device capacity allows filling up to 4 ml of vape juice. There are mesh and strip coils inside the device that can take care of providing a wider surface area, also facilitating quick and even heating than coil heads in the old models.

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Own your vaping experience with these top tier starter kit models!

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