How To Live A Happier Healthier Life With CBD

The ways in which we find happiness can differ greatly from person to person and the active pursuit of a healthy lifestyle is not embraced by all. We are constantly in the midst of self-discovery whether we know it or not and there was a time in my life when I withstood a particularly educational series of events that changed my life forever. When I was in the midst of this storm I was lucky enough to find Lazarus Naturals CBD and the benefits I experienced made a lasting impression on the way I view my life and my personal pursuit of health and happiness.

We all have our own paths to follow and our own roads to go down, but it can be easy to allow yourself to start to follow someone else’s path and lose your way in the darkness of their dreams. I believe that CBD provides me some pretty incredible benefits, but I am not going to sit here and try to convince you to go out and try it for yourself. Like anything in life, it is best to make your own decisions based on your own observations. What I will do is share my story in the hopes that it provides you with a glimpse at the account of how an everyday girl discovered a new life through CBD.

The End Of College

College was a magical time for me. Like many coming-of-age women, I explored my boundaries, read countless books, and made life-long connections. Unfortunately, all college experiences must come to an end at some point and mine was on its final days. It was a mad dash to clear my dormitory before the last day, and I was about to get a surprise I had been dreading but was wholly expecting.

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The man I saw myself marrying at the time was named Cornellius. He was a tall, handsome man who was highly intelligent and had a way with animals. He could handle anything furry tha you threw at him. I knew one day he would leave me to pursue his dreams of grooming lions for the big screen. He would practice day and night on stuffed lions and even asked me to dress up as a lion a few times so he could practice on me. He was talented, and I knew he wouldn’t stay with a small town girl forever. The last day of school, without a word, he left.

The Ship Captain Of My Dreams

After Cornellius left I was lost, and I knew I needed an adventure so I packed my bags and headed for the sea. I left my small home town in Florida and I headed for the San Francisco bay. I felt I had nothing to live for and wasn’t sure if anything would come my way. I sat staring at the sea watching the tide roll away and thought about the 2,000 miles I had come to make this dock my home. 

I was bored on my way to the dock and ended up buying some CBD. As the last ray of sunshine disappeared beyond the horizon and I puffed on my vape pen, I heard a booming voice. It was a captain. The ship captain of my dreams. 

A Storm To Change It All

It felt like the voice of a pirate ripping through the air and sailing into the cold stormy sea of my heart. I had felt so lost but when the captain actually asked if I was lost, I had never felt so found. “No, captain” I replied, and he winked at me with his good eye. I knew then that I’d be his forever. We moved fast. I moved into his ship and he moved into my soul. We were each unique like the waves that crash in the ocean, but of the same beautiful water. Our seas raged like the fury of poseidon himself and before I knew it, 3 years had passed.

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The Calming Winds Of My CBD Vape And The Tantalizing Tincture Of Escape 

Our love blossomed like the freshness of life after a barron winter. The things we bonded over the most were our love for CBD and our hatred/ respect for the rare albino Mocha Dick whale. We searched long and hard for the whale over a decade until one day it was time for the captain of my dreams to sail to the island in the clouds. 

I still to this day think of my captain when I puff my CBD vape. I long to see his good eye looking at me lovingly. I miss the back scratches with his hook and warmth of his embrace. I still dream of my captain, and how CBD helped me to find and pursue a happier healthier life.

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