Awareness Inspires Preparedness: Educating the Public About Electromagnetic Fields

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) surround us. They are invisible and inaudible, but present and possibly dangerous just the same. They are the consequence of convenience in which 5 billion smartphones and tablets do more than blind us with brightness and inundate us with information; ringing and vibrating with every call, text, update and alert, until our mannerisms change and our manner of living changes for the worse; until our stride becomes a slouch and our shoulders droop, while our pupils dilate and we lose ourselves within handheld flashes of light.

We may amuse ourselves to death, or die of boredom from having habituated ourselves to live with mobile devices, but that does not mean we cannot protect ourselves from this threat.

Why is EMF a potential public health hazard?

Medical studies illustrate the immediacy of this threat. For example: We have thermal images on our site of the facial contrasts before and after 15 minutes of cell phone usage. The spike in EMF radiation looks like a section of scorched earth, as if entire areas of greenery with freshwater lakes and fields of wheat underwent a flash fire, followed by famine and devastation of the land. If it only takes 900 seconds to go from the bountiful to the barren, if it only takes 15 minutes in a day that lasts 1440 minutes to go from the serenity of peace to the savagery of war, imagine what it must look like to endure a perpetual hellfire. Imagine, too, what it must look like if we were to scan a child?s face; to see a profile of subcutaneous layers of inflammation; to map seas of redness and tsunamis of radiation; to chart swirls of danger and shapes of possibly deadly force.

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What can we do to reduce this threat?

We need not abolish our devices to devise a plan that is easy to enact and simple to enforce. France passed a law in 2015 banning WiFi from all nursery schools. The law also requires that all elementary schools turn off their WiFi connections when they are not in use. As for advertisements for smartphones, every billboard, commercial, pamphlet or insert contains a recommendation about using a headset instead of placing a device against your face. The law is neither onerous nor an ominous sign of overreach, as if the French government intends to abolish the sale and possession of smartphones and tablets, banishing the former and breaking the latter against the marble tablature of ancient customs and antiquated traditions. When the cost of protecting children is so small, and the consequence of inaction is so large, we can afford to Americanize a French import, so to speak.

What can the U.S. government do to better protect our own country from exposure to EMF?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) should change its rules concerning the specific absorption rate (SAR) of radio frequency (RF) exposure. The current RF exposure standard is unsafe, based on laboratory tests and the consensus of scientists who study this subject. If companies continue to abide by this standard, when their own research indicates the substandard quality of the FCC’s rules and regulations, if companies knowingly ignore these warnings and attempt to silence any and all whistleblowers the price could be catastrophic, in terms of lives and the livelihoods of tens of millions of Americans. According to Wayne R. Cohen, a professor at The George Washington University School of Law and a partner at Cohen & Cohen, P.C., consumers may file product liability lawsuits against device manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, and Google. Ditto for state attorneys general, as was the case with Big Tobacco.

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What explains the urgency of this effort to combat Electromagnetic fields?

The proliferation of mobile devices makes this issue a worldwide emergency. When a smartphone elicits more loyalty than any loyalty oath, when it becomes a more potent symbol of liberty than any flag-waving champion of freedom, when it is a commodity beyond the control of censors and within the hands of everyday citizens when all of these things have happened, and happen now at an even greater pace, it is time to save those who otherwise seek salvation in what a mobile device can do: connect them with a free press and signal missionaries, both secular and sectarian, to provide physical sustenance and spiritual relief. Put another way, the means of empowerment should not be the newest chains of enslavement, because of overexposure to EMF.

What else can we do to increase awareness of Electromagnetic fields?

Spread the word about EMF before the problem becomes too widespread. Awareness is a perquisite for successful action; which is to say we need to know as much as we can, so we can effectuate as much positive change as time permits. The more we inform people about this cause, the more likely the effect will be to the good of our fellow Americans and citizens of the world.

Kat McCool is the Chief Education Officer for Healthy Living with EMF, a site that provides news and tips about ways to reduce the body’s absorption of electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

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