CBD Oil – How This Exciting Product Started an Industry

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been taking news headlines by storm in recent years as more people are starting to discover its benefits. What started as a small niche sector has now blossomed into a thriving industry that has an estimated overall market value of $22 billion. Experts expect the industry to grow extensively over the next decade as society continues to become more accepting of the cannabis and hemp plants. So how did this industry get so big seemingly out of nowhere?

It Can Be Extracted from Legal Hemp

Although it’s possible to extract greater amounts of CBD from medical cannabis strains, the fact that it can be extracted from non-psychoactive hemp means that there’s much less red tape involved for businesses that want to produce and distribute CBD. If you’re interested in becoming a CBD distributor and would like more information on that, you can find a good overview here.

Just a decade ago, no investor would want to touch a CBD brand, but now it’s the latest craze and even actual cannabis-producing companies are being publicly traded on the stock market these days, so having your hand in a hemp-based business doesn’t even seem risky anymore.

Scientifically Proven Medical Properties

Despite being in the same category as THC and other cannabinoids which have long-been vilified for their psychoactive effects, CBD has managed to gain widespread acceptance in the mainstream media and medical industry due to the overwhelming body of research that is proving the drug’s ability to treat common disorders like chronic pain, epilepsy, anxiety, and insomnia.

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Doctors and patients around the world are starting to learn that CBD is a legitimate and safe alternative to the use of addictive opiates. As the research continues to pile up, headlines will keep grabbing the attention of the general public who will eventually become ubiquitously aware of CBD’s value as a medicine.

No Getting “High” or “Stoned”

One of the reasons why CBD took so long to start gaining mainstream popularity is because there has always been a stigma around the effects of consuming ”marijuana” due to the mind-altering effects of THC. Today, the ability to isolate CBD from cannabis or hemp varieties with such a purity that no psychoactive ingredients are included has made more people accepting of the industry.

This allows people to consume CBD in their everyday lives without having to worry about being stereotyped or not being able to operate heavy machinery. Removing that negative component is certainly one of the reasons why serious investors are starting to step in.

Abundant Production Capabilities

With so many CBD extract products popping up on shelves nowadays, it’s hard to believe that so much of the drug has been produced in the past few years. The ability that cannabis and hemp plants have to produce extensive seasonal yields makes CBD a product that is easy to stock up on very fast.

Of course, with so many companies stockpiling CBD products and pouring millions of dollars into marketing and distribution campaigns, it’s not surprising that this product has sort of generated its own wave.

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Will CBD Become the Most Popular Home Remedy?

There was a time before prohibition when cannabis and hemp-based extracts were the best-selling products in healthcare. Judging by the resurgence of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids as widely accepted medicines, it’s reasonable to assume that we could see these wonder drugs retake their fair share of the medical market. While the industry still needs plenty of groundwork, CBD is set to be one of the most profitable and fastest growing sectors in the medical field.

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