Why Sleep is Good for our Memory

Researchers at the University of York have shed new light on the vital role sleep plays in helping us make the most of our memory. Sleep, they show, helps us to use our memory in Read More

Keep your Hair Looking its Healthiest

Thick, healthy, glossy hair: it’s the goal we’re all chasing! If you want to achieve hair that radiates natural beauty, read on to discover our list of tips to help you get terrific tresses. Diet Read More

Is Daydreaming a Sign You Are Smart

A new study from the Georgia Institute of Technology suggests that daydreaming during meetings isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It might be a sign that you’re really smart and creative. “People with efficient brains may Read More

Can Omics Data Provide Preventive Care?

Multi-omics profiling, the measurement and analysis of a person’s genome along with other biomolecular traits, is an important step toward personal health management that provides valuable, actionable information, for preventive care according to findings presented Read More

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