Questions to ask when purchasing medical headlights

Are you shopping for a medical headlight?  If yes, it is important that you be aware of some of the friendliest asked questions.  The questions are of great help as they will help you in getting the right medical headlight that you fit your requirements.

Despite the availability of the overhead lamps, most of the medical professionals do prefer using the medical headlights especially when performing long procedures. The medical headlight refers to an illumination device that offers experts more freedom of movement and allows them to focus on the task at hand without having to adjust the light angle manually from time to time.

Since the medical headlights are mostly mounted on wrap around the head strap or on the surgical glasses carrier lens, one can easily adjust them by just moving their head towards the operating field.  These medical headlights also offer a reliable, stable, bright, high quality and shadow free illumination which makes it possible for the doctors too clearly see the field without any form of color distortion.

Now that are you familiar with some of the benefits the medical headlights bring, it is time to get to know some of the most important questions you need to ask before you buy a medical headlight.

What is the right weight of a medical headlight to buy?

The weight of the medical headlight is one thing you can never afford to ignore especially if you will be using your illumination device for extended periods on a daily basis. If possible, go for the most portable and lightest medical headlight.  The longer you put on the headlight the more heavily it will get.  Immediately the weight starts building up, you will start feeling uncomfortable and uneasy which can affect your work quality and concentration.

What is the best light intensity level?

The light intensity level does depend on an individual’s personal preference. Most experts do advice most buyers to go for a headlight having an over 40,000 lux of intensity level.  For the surgical and dental applications, go for the illumination device which has either 45,000 lux or 90,000 lux of light intensity.  However, be very careful when purchasing the cheap medical headlights since most of them do have a pretty low light intensity level.

What is the Medical headlight Uniformity of light?

Uniformity of light is one of the major concerns whenever one is buying a cheap medical headlight. The amount of light that is produced by majority of the cheap headlights is very unstable.  At times, the light appears to be brighter at the center while on the edges it is dull. It can lead to color and image distortion.   For more precise viewing field and a reliable illumination, go for the headlight that emits stable brightness and uniform light.

What is the best brightness level of a medical headlight?

Although it is advisable to go for a medical headlight that has a maximum brightness level, it is still advisable that one opts for a medical headlight that comes with a brightness control.  It is because not all the surgical and dental procedures need the same brightness levels or same amount of light. In case a particular procedure needs minimum amount of light, it is still possible to use the headlight.

What is the Beam Color of the Headlight?

This is another critical question most medical headlight shoppers do ask about.  The medical headlights are usually available in different LED colors. For a surgical or a dental procedure, the most suitable beam color is one that measures 5500 degrees Kelvin.

With the above questions, one stands a better chance of buying the right type of medical headlight.

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