How often should you get a chiropractic adjustment?

Chiropractic Adjustments

Have you decided to seek chiropractic treatment?  If yes, then the next step will be to determine how often you will be making adjustments. There are several reasons why most people do seek for chiropractic treatment.   There are people for use chiropractors’ skills for back adjustments or to align the vertebrae to act as a preventive care. Others are interested in support when it comes to serious pain condition management such as whiplash or scoliosis.

Different chiropractors do have varying philosophies on adjustments. The aim of some chiropractors is to help one get back to their initial health state and they do not have to see you again unless they do experience more issues.

Other does believe in frequent preventive maintenance program which will range from one visit every week although adjustments can always be done whenever necessary. For example, one can change from one visit a week to one visit a month.

Performing chiropractic treatment will help in relieving a number of pains and aches.

What is the main role of a chiropractor?

The Chiropractors in most cases do treat common neck and back pain within a few sessions maybe one a week sessions.  However, depending on its magnitude, it can take longer or need of more frequent visits depending on the patients’ condition together with underlying factors which are stressing the body and symptoms length.  There are possibilities that previous injuries might affect the time for treatment together with proper care you did receive and rehabilitation of the injuries that took place.

One important thing any patient needs to look at from Brampton Chiropractor is one that can adjust their treatment plan as time goes by. However, it is never possible for one to tell the number of treatments they will need.  Reasonable expectations are between three to seven weeks treatment plan which will later be followed by a re-evaluation together with a new treatment plan that is based on the condition of the patient.

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Recommended Chiropractic adjustment dose

In case you are interested in knowing how often one needs to get a chiropractic adjustment, first, you need to know that you can never be sure since there is no much research at recommended dosage for  manipulation of the spine.  According to one of the studies which did look at how often one should get adjusted, it was  discovered that the  person who was suffering from a low back pain and did visit a Brampton Chiropractor r 3-4 times  within a three week period did register more relief compared to the patients who went only once or two times.

It simply means that the patients who visited the Brampton Chiropractor 9-12 times did fair better compared to those who v made three to six visits.

The second research which was   trying to figure out the recommended spinal adjustment dose did compare 4 doses of care with no treatment and 6, 12 or 18 chiropractic adjustment sessions. The research did reveal that 12 sessions in a period of six weeks did produce best results for both the functional and pain impairment.


In case you are feeling well but interested in catching some minor misalignments before they turn into major problems, then performing chiropractic adjustment anywhere from once a month to two times a year is the most suitable option.  It is also possible for one to make a chiropractic appointment when they start experiencing some pain or tension.   The patient together with his or her chiropractors does determine how often they will need adjustment.  Being aware of your body and how it can respond to adjustments will determine what works well for you.

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