Under the Influence: Learn How to Spot the Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse

Do you suspect someone of alcohol abuse? Are you uncertain if you’re suffering from it too?

More than 15 million people struggle with alcohol use disorder. But for some reason, only less than 8% receive treatment for it. One reason why many don’t get treatment is that they aren’t aware of the problem.

To ensure that you can save someone’s life and future from alcohol abuse, you need to see the signs. Let’s talk about what alcohol abuse is, and you can spot the symptoms of alcohol abuse.

What Qualifies as Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism?

Alcohol abuse pertains to the dependency of alcohol at a high frequency. This disturbing frequency of alcohol consumption interferes with a person’s physical capabilities. It also causes problems with social dealings and relationships with loved ones, ruining them completely.

The most extreme case of these would be alcoholism. In this case, there is a physical dependency on alcohol and it may lead to alcohol poisoning.

Here are some details to know what constitutes alcohol abuse.

For women, drinking 7 or more drinks per week or more than 3 per occasion counts as alcohol abuse. The same is true for people older than 65. As for men, more than 14 drinks per week or more than 4 per occasion counts as abuse.

Mood Symptoms

It may vary for each person but alcoholism can bring forth these various emotional symptoms and mood changes. It takes a toll on a person’s behavior.

Be on a lookout for signs of anxiety, depression, and aggression. Irritability is also another sign. These can also stem into other behavioral symptoms caused by alcoholism. Alcoholism can bring in a loss of appetite or immense hunger while drinking.

Long-Term Behavioral Changes

You’ll also notice long-term changes to a person’s behavior. Hostility and aggression surface as part of these drastic shifts.

There will also be noticeable changes in their habits. They may tend to hide alcohol in strange hiding places. They might drink out of compulsion too.

People also view alcohol as a coping mechanism when dealing with stress, a form of reasoning that alcoholics would use.

Physical Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse

When you look at the physical signs of alcoholism, you may notice how the body becomes undermined by the substance. These symptoms can range from the most obvious down to the most obscure.

Among these symptoms include seizures, fever, and headaches. These also come with instances of fatigue, and tremors.

The body also adjusts due to this increased intake, causing it to undergo withdrawal symptoms.

If the person continues to stay the course, it can lead to other diseases and health complications and may lead to death.

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Break the Habit While You Can!

With these symptoms of alcohol abuse, you can tell if someone is having an alcohol problem. Before it is too late, find ways to stop their alcohol abuse and guide them through their journey.

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