Top 5 Natural Opiate Withdrawal Remedies

Opiate withdrawal can be a harrowing experience. Here are some of the best opiate withdrawal remedies derived from natural sources.

Over 2 million Americans are currently dependent on opioids. As a result, the number of deaths caused by opioid addiction has more than doubled over the past 10 years.

Therefore, withdrawing from your opiate dependency can extremely difficult to achieve. However, there are a bunch of opiate withdrawal remedies which come from natural sources.

If you want to discover how you can overcome your dependency to opiates with natural remedies, read below. Let’s get started!

  1. Change What You’re Eating and Drinking

If you’re determined to overcome the withdrawal from opiates, then you need to prepare yourself with your diet.

You need to build up your strength. You may find that you don’t have an appetite, but it’s essential that you get healthy food inside your body.

Stick to simple foods. Try to follow the BRAT diet of bananas, rice, apple sauce, and toast. This is great for an upset stomach.

If you can manage it, consume plenty of fruit and vegetables. Blending down fruit and vegetables into a smoothie could help.

It’s especially important to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water. However, you can also drink ginger tea, which can also help to reduce nausea. This is a common withdrawal symptom.

  1. Take Marijuana 

Marijuana is legal in some form in up to 46 states in the US.

You can give up opiates for marijuana.

This significantly reduces your risk of overdosing. The plant also has a much lower rate of dependency compared with opiates.

Around 90 percent of people would rather take cannabis than painkiller medications, according to one study.  You can also receive similar benefits from CBD oil.

  1. Lots of Herbs and Spices

You can also conquer your withdrawal symptoms with herbs and spices.

Turmeric has been proven to contain anti-inflammatory qualities. While chamomile tea has been found to help you to remain calm in stressful circumstances.

So, if you manage a plate of food, make sure it contains some of the herbs and spices which can help you fight off your symptoms.

  1. Mindful Meditation 

Mindful meditation can teach you to concentrate on your breathing. This can help you to fight off the temptations to relapse during your recovery.

Even though meditation won’t make the pain go away. It can support you in overcoming your dependency on opiates.

A growing number of opiate addiction treatment centers are embracing this research behind mindful meditation. You can find out more here!

  1. Remain Physically Active 

When you’re experiencing the worse of your withdrawal symptoms, it can be tempting to spend the whole day in bed.

However, there are many benefits of staying physically active even when you don’t want to. Even gentle movements, such as yoga or walking can help.

Remember, when you move your body, you improve blood circulation in the body, which allows your body to recover faster.

Opiate Withdrawal Remedies

Dependency and addiction to opiates is an awful and terrifying experience.

However, there are numerous opiate withdrawal remedies from natural sources which can support you in your recovery.

If you want to learn more about addiction and alternative medicines, check out our blog post here.

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