Supplement Decreases Biological Age

A randomized retrospective study of 42 individuals published in Aging, shows Rejuvant, a patent-pending, timed-release CaAKG (calcium alpha-ketoglutarate) plus vitamin A for men and vitamin D for women, decreases biological age by an average of eight years after taking the dietary supplement for approximately seven months.

“The nearly eight-year reversal in biological age of individuals taking Rejuvant for 4 to 10 months is noteworthy,” said Brian K. Kennedy, Ph.D., one of the lead authors of the study and professor and director of the Center for Healthy Aging at the National University of Singapore. “Our findings suggest that Rejuvant is an intriguing candidate to affect human aging. The results are encouraging for increasing healthspan in both men and women.”

Rejuvant includes a clinically studied, timed-release formula containing CaAKG designed to decrease biological age. Through Ponce de Leon’s scientific research at Buck Institute for Research on Aging, it was discovered that there was a gender specific response to CaAKG, so specific formulations for men and women were created to optimize outcomes. The men’s formula includes vitamin A and CaAKG and the women’s formula includes vitamin D and CaAKG. It is recommended that both men and women take two tablets of Rejuvant each day to obtain similar results to the TruMe participants. The study authors also suggest continual supplementation to maintain reduction benefits in biological age. Learn more at:

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