Do you suffer from Neuropathy?

a cure for neuropathy?

Neuropathy!! Pain, numbness and tingling in feet that keeps a person from feeling stable or even walking!

The ReBuilder® neuroelectric system can take away that pain and return the balance and stability. That means no pain, and being able to return to activities that are fun and feel good. The ReBuilder® is a highly specialized FDA cleared home care unit used in clinics around the world. The ReBuilder® rebuilds the nerves by automatically adjusting to each patient’s specific needs. It calms the nerves and increases blood flow, allowing the nerve cells to heal. If you suffer from unexplained chronic pain or nerve pain symptoms, then the ReBuilder® is proven to be a safe and effective treatment option to alleviate these conditions.

The most notable result that people experience when using the ReBuilder® is pain relief. The benefits of using the device can be life-changing! And the beauty of using the ReBuilder® is that the treatment is done in the comfort of your home, on your schedule. If you are suffering from peripheral neuropathy, you may find it is taking over almost every aspect of your life. It’s hard to walk, enjoy time with friends, and even sleep. The pain or discomfort disrupts your normal energy flow, and the attention you pay to pain can be exhausting.

If you have peripheral neuropathy, your nerve cells in your hands and feet have begun to malfunction. Your brain interprets these “misfires” as pain. Nerves in other parts of your body may also malfunction, leading to seemingly unrelated conditions like indigestion. Peripheral neuropathy can make it hard to walk. You may feel like there are needles stabbing the tops or bottoms of your feet with each step. Many with this condition need to use a walker or other assistive devices to get around. If you are tired of taking medications that simply mask the pain, you will want to consider treatment using a ReBuilder® with a built-in microprocessor that automatically measures several physiological functions of the nerves like a heart pacemaker corrects the electrical signals of the heart. Many patients no longer need their walkers. They can increasingly return to a normal routine. Studies show improved relaxation, circulation, and reduced inflammation. Each of these contributes to enhanced mobility and motor function. The ReBuilder® neuroelectric system can take away that pain and return the balance.

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Imagine being able to return to activities that are fun and feel good to you, and you can enjoy them with the ones you love. The ReBuilder® helps thousands of people deal with neuropathic pain every day!

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