How to Prevent Tension & Stress in Pets-4 Tips

We all want to provide our pets with a healthy, loving home that’s free from tension and stress. However, there are lots of things that can stress a pet out, and it’s not always easy to know when they are feeling that way.

In order to keep our pets happy and stress free, there are a number of different things we can do. They might be small, but these tips will help to prevent our pets from getting too stressed and may also relieve any tension that is built up.

Not only will these pointers help with stress, but they’re also fun for you and your pet and can deepen your bond. Additionally, you might want to invest in a good pet insurance like Bivvy, to make sure your pet is always safe.


Like humans, animals are designed to be active and getting outside in the fresh air is a great way for them to relieve some of their stress. Exercise is hugely important for the health of your pets, both mentally and physically.

Particularly with energetic pets like dogs, it’s important they get regular exercise and are allowed to stretch their legs and explore the outside world. This is what they would be doing in nature and they’re most comfortable when they’re allowed to explore.


There’s plenty of opportunity to keep your pets stimulated throughout the day as well. Play time is essential to how animals learn new things and form bonds, so it’s important to make sure they’re engaging in these activities.

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Encouraging play time with fun treats from is a great way to get dogs active, and to help make sure they don’t build up tension and stress.  Again, mental stimulation is just as important for your pets as it is for humans, and keeping their minds active is a great way of keeping them happy and relaxed.


Schedules help our pets to know what to expect and it can also help them feel a little less anxious. Eating, exercising, and sleeping at the same time each day allows your pets to settle down into a schedule and relieve some of that anxiety of not knowing what is coming next.

Routines not only help stop your pets from getting stressed, but they also help with house training and maintaining a healthy weight — both of these can further reduce stress.

Staying Calm

Your pets are very adept at picking up on your emotions and body language. If you’re showing signs of stress yourself, then your pets can pick up on this and feel affected by it.

Of course, you can’t control whether you’re stressed or not, but when you’re with your pets, it’s the perfect time to relax and enjoy their company. Try to keep your interactions fun and relaxed, and your pet will respond by being its normal happy self.

Hanging out with your pet can be a great stress reliever for you, and when you relax, so will your pet. Your pet wants to see you happy, so try and unwind and enjoy your time with it.

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