Fulvic Acid Benefits: Skin Health, Gut Health, Brain Health, & More


Fulvic acid is an important acid found in the earth’s components like the rocks and the sediments of the river bodies. It is an organic compound and belongs to the class of humic acid. These acids are of great help in improving the condition of human health and increase the efficiency of the human immune system. With natural sources, these are also available from artificial food supplements.

It is formed as a result of metabolism of the microbes. It is produced as a result of decomposition of organic matter and release of healthy bacteria. The following are some of the fulvic acid benefits in improving our health system.

Improves immune system and gut health

Several nutrients like fatty acids, trace minerals, silica, electrolytes, etc. are present in fulvic acid which increase its efficiency in improving our health system. The probiotics and the prebiotics boost the bacteria’s ability and nourish the digestive tract. It helps in creation of a microbiome environment. A gut that does not work efficiently results in the harmful syndrome, i.e., leaky gut. The intake of fulvic acid also cures the SIBO symptoms and the common colds and flu.

Improves nutrient absorption and digestion

For an improved digestion and a boost in metabolism, the consumption of electrolytes is necessary. The organisms of fulvic acid help in eliminating unwanted disorders like diarrhea, constipation and bloating. It also improves the transportation of minerals and raw nutrients to the cell. It even maintains the pH level of the body. It alkalizes the body and prevents the formation of an acidic environment.

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Protects the skin

The acid also treats the wounds and protects the skin by reducing the effects like irritation caused by scrapes, rashes, eczema, etc. Since ages, fulvic acid has been acting like a rash remedy, treating the effects of spider bites, poison oak, viral infections, etc.

Lowers the skin inflammation

Our eating habits, the extreme exposure towards the pollutants, and low intake of nutrients has led to an increased damage to the free radical system of our body. The increased intake of pathogens has also increased the aging process in us. Fulvic acid releases certain oxidants, which fight against the effects of these pathogens and minimize their effect. It even increases the life period of the cells and discharges electrolyte that improves the health of the brain, heart and the strength of muscles.

Detoxification is improved

The fulvic acid performs a chelation therapy in a natural way. It binds the metals and the toxins that make their way into our bodies through the food and the material that we intake. It helps in forming complex ions with the slats and thereby forms colloids with various salts. The phenolates and the carboxylate present in the acid make them act as natural chelators. It means that they can form complexes with various metals like calcium, copper, iron and magnesium.


There are several benefits of fulvic acid in boosting up our health system. The intake of this acid on our diet is a must. We must make sure to take small doses of this acid to improve the immunity of our body. The above-mentioned benefits on our health will surely make you include this acid in your daily diet.

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