Lifestyle Changes You Need to Make to Live Your Healthiest Life

In the universal quest for wellbeing, good habits are vital.

Everyone could use a little sprucing up when it comes to living a healthy life. Most people also know exactly where there vices are, whether it?s drinking a little too much alcohol or having a serious relationship with simple carbs. Living your healthiest life is about much more than maintaining a healthy weight, although that?s important. You can?t tell by looking at someone how healthy they are, but you can certainly get a clue if you watch what they eat. Here are some of the best lifestyle changes you can make to live your healthiest life:

  1. Don?t sit for more than 30 minutes at a stretch. Set a timer, get up, and move at least every 30 minutes. If you work on a computer, try standing for a while. We live in a sitting society, and it?s proving to be just as dangerous and deadly as some types of addictions.
  2. Give up smoking. The good news is that smoking has been on the decrease in the US for several years now. However, there are still smokers and three out of five individuals who try smoking cigarettes become daily smokers. There are a number of cessation options available, sometimes covered by insurance. For smokers, kicking the habit is the single best thing you can do.
  3. Speak kindly to yourself. Are you your own worst critic? Do you constantly speak badly to and about yourself? You?ve conditioned yourself to believe those words, and that will bring a world of pain and suffering right to your doorstep. Change your self-speak and you?ll enjoy a happier life with more successes.
  4. Take more public transportation, walk, or bike. Challenge yourself to give up driving for an alternative for at least one trip per week. It might be to work or a store. Not only will you be helping out the environment, but in many cases you?ll be able to squeeze in some exercise and fresh air. If it works, you can keep going and replace additional trips per week.
  5. Make at least one meal per week with no packaged goods. These foods might be convenient, but even seemingly healthy options are often packed with preservatives. Try to make at least one meal per week with all-fresh ingredients. Borrow a friend?s breadmaker and try out how delicious a freshly baked loaf can be. Up the ante and only buy local and seasonal.
  6. Get in at least 150 minutes of cardio per week. This is the minimum recommended amount for a healthy life. Get bored easily? Try out a different cardio workout every day of the week. If you?re not bored, you have less of a chance of giving up?and just might find an activity you fall in love with.
  7. Smile more. You don?t have to smile at anyone, but research has shown that the act of smiling changes your mood and brain for the better. Who knew it was so easy?

These are seven easy changes to implement now. How are you going to make your life healthier?

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