Easy Ways To Purify the Air in Your House

Improving indoor air quality

Keeping the home healthy and clean is an unending battle for every homeowner. One common concern is how to maintain a bright and fresh atmosphere within the house. A lot of inventions guarantee air purification, but many are expensive and are completely unnatural. Fortunately, there are many easy ways to purify the air in your house.

What Causes Bad Air Quality?

A few different elements impact a home’s air quality. The first is stagnation. Spaces with little airflow hang on to organisms is in the air, which goes stale over time. Next is moisture. Areas where water can enter and potentially pool are a breeding ground for bacteria.

These tiny organisms can cause mold and contribute to bad smells, allergies, and more. The final element is the dust factor. Whether you are the neatest housekeeper or not, dust and dirt exist in every household. By being aware of these three key elements, homeowners can better monitor the air quality of their homes.

Habits To Help Purify the Air

One of the best ways to naturally repair the air quality of your home is to get into habits that support that goal. Throw open windows whenever you can. Simply letting windows stay open even a crack for an hour or two can help. Breezes will blow in the fresh air and drag out the stale, old air. Having regular airflow in a room keeps the air easy to breathe and helps it to stop smelling stale.

Another very important way to manage air quality is to stop dry dusting. We probably all have at least one old-fashioned stick duster. But the truth is, this method just stirs the dust. Ideally, some dust will get pulled into your home’s furnace filters. Relying on this method clogs your vents with grime that gets blown around the house. Instead, tackle dust with a damp rag. Wipe it up and simply wash the rag off. This permanently removes dust from the air circulation.

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Natural Air Purifying Products

Plenty of natural items on the market today don’t involve sprays, plugs, or landfill waste. One really easy way to improve air quality is to buy more plants. These awesome little bundles of life look good and pump clean oxygen into the air.

Other easy ways to purify the air in your house includes charcoal bags and candles. Charcoal bags are sunlight-activated compostable bags filled with bamboo charcoal. As air moves through a room it interacts with the bag. The porous charcoal absorbs moisture from the air and kills any bacteria trapped inside.

Candles can be made from all-natural materials like beeswax. Candles often have a pleasant aroma which helps boost the good smells in a house. Furthermore, flames help kill bacteria as the air is drawn into them. Simply lighting a candle for some time each day can help decrease any associated odors—and therefore presence of—low air quality.

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