Kim Alexis Shares Some Thoughts on a Healthy Lifestyle


Kim Alexis has been featured in over 500 magazine covers, worked as a fashion correspondent on Good Morning America and appeared in countless commercials for companies such as Revlon, Gillette and many others,

“Everybody’s got their own definition of healthy. I’m constantly on the lookout for what works for me,” she says.

Over the years, Kim has de-emphasized her career in favor of raising 5 children. During this time, her image has evolved; to a large extent, as the result of hundreds of speaking engagements at events sponsored by organizations around the country on topics ranging from health and nutrition, to fitness, parenting, self improvement and women’s empowerment.

One of editors, Sheldon Baker had an opportunity to do a feature interview with Kim that is available here. And at ExpoWest in Anaheim he had an opportunity to do a short live interview.

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ExpoWest Kim Alexis

Skincare is an area of interest to Alexis. Skincare is important. I’m not a big, fussy person. I don’t spend a lot of time trying to find products. I’m always testing new clean products people give me. But it must start from the inside. I feel a lot of people want to live this lifestyle that might not be as clean and as natural as they want. They just keep spending more money on topical things, thinking that that will help, and it all works together for you. But it’s both your inner and outer self that you need to take care of. Yes, skincare is important, but the texture of your skin has to do with your diet, lifestyle, and the environment in which you live.

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Over the years, Alexis has successfully transitioned into a spokesperson for fitness, health, and lifestyle products she believes in to encourage women at any age to stay healthy and active. Her books focus on topics she has lived and experienced, from getting discovered to eating clean to her journey with thyroid issues.

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