Keep Healthy for the Holidays

(Family Features) During this year’s holidays, many families are looking forward to celebrating a closer-to-normal season. However, that means staying healthy and keeping all kinds of germs at bay, including seasonal cold and flu bugs. Read More

A Festive Holiday Menu Fit for Family and Friends

(Family Features) Hearty snacks, seasonal sides, flavorful main dishes and tantalizing desserts all complement one another perfectly for holiday celebrations among loved ones. This year, when planning your holiday menu, be sure to consider recipes Read More

The Best for Your Breasts

Gather your breasts, whatever their form, large, small, pointy, curvaceous, pert, or saggy and cup them close to your heart. Cherish this part of your body, for as Psalm 139 says, “I will praise thee Read More

Anxiety From COVID in Kids

From routine disruption to social isolation — the COVID-19 pandemic has and continues to impact children in various ways. Added stress and anxiety can affect a child’s ability to stay focused, as well as negatively impact Read More

Another COVID-19 Halloween: Keeping Kids Safe

You’re not alone this year if you just want things to return to “pre-COVID normal”, including fall activities such as Halloween celebrations. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 virus is still present throughout the country, and both kids Read More

Connecting diet and COVID-19 risk

ZOE study is the first and largest to show that a gut-friendly diet cuts the chances of developing COVID-19. High quality diet scores were also linked with a ‘healthier’ and a more diverse gut microbiome, Read More

Weight gain, avoiding the Freshman 15

Everyone’s heard about the so-called freshman 15, but new research from the University of Georgia suggests that counteracting this weight gain might be more complicated than just taking a walk around the quad. The freshman Read More

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