Celebrate Spring with Brunch Favorites

(Family Features) Few things go together quite like fresh spring air, warm sunshine and a menu made up of delicious brunch bites. Whether you’re hosting a crowd or simply gathering your loved ones around the Read More

Bring On Dessert with Better-for-You Sweets

(Family Features) If healthier eating holds a prominent spot on your list of goals, you may feel it’s necessary to eliminate some of your sweetest favorites. However, committing to a nutritionally friendly way of life Read More

13 Facts About Your Heart That Could Change Your Life

“Heart health is at the core of our being,” according to registered dietitian, nutritionist, medical exercise specialist, certified personal trainer, and owner of Fredericksburg Fitness Studio in Virginia, Jennifer Scherer. She says, without cardiovascular health, Read More

Kim Alexis: Supermodel and Super Healthy

Alternative Medicine reached out to Ms. Alexis to share her thoughts and feelings about leading a healthy lifestyle in today’s world. By Sheldon Baker Alternative Medicine: On your website, your mission statement reads to inspire Read More

7 Health Benefits of Body Massage

Who doesn’t love a good massage? It’s one of the most relaxing experiences you can treat yourself to. But did you know it can also have a tangible, positive impact on your mental and physical Read More

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