Natural Ways to Treat Gastritis

Stomach pain is something we can safely say everyone experiences at some point in their lives. One of the leading causes of stomach pain is gastritis. Gastritis is the inflammation of the gastric mucosa, the Read More

The best ways to treat a sunburn

It’s true that if you let your guard down when you spend time outdoors, it’s all too easy to accidentally get a sunburn. We tend to associate sunburn with the warmer and sunnier days of Read More

Myths and Truths of Nightshades

Public perception about nightshades is often negative but there are many benefits to these fruits and vegetables The majority of the negative effects only occur to a small population of people. The benefits of this Read More

Seeking Care from a Menopause Specialist

Hot flashes, trouble sleeping, mood changes, irregular vaginal bleeding, and vaginal dryness are common symptoms of menopause, a time when women’s bodies no longer produce the hormone estrogen as they once did. While these symptoms Read More

How to cope with reentry anxiety amid COVID-19

As more Americans are getting vaccinated against COVID-19, things are slowly shifting to normalcy. Businesses are opening, restaurants are returning to full capacity, social events and nightlife are coming back to life, causing some to Read More

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