Keeping Your Family Well: A Guide

Living a happy life

As a society, our lives are becoming increasingly busy. Many people are juggling priorities such as work, running a house, friendships, hobbies – the list goes on. However, at the center of all this rushing around, the top priority for most people is keeping their family healthy and happy.

Read on for five simple but effective ways to keep your family well.

Healthy meals the quick way

It’s no secret that eating fresh, healthy food is one of the biggest factors towards physical and mental wellbeing. Given our rushed lives and time constraints, it can be difficult to make time to prepare nutritious meals from scratch every day.

One solution to this is to cook up a storm just once a week or once a fortnight. Take time to cook a selection of meals, all packed with healthy ingredients, and freeze batches of them. That way, during the week you can simply heat up a frozen pre-cooked meal and your family gets to eat the best food every day of the week.

Be aware of mental health

Mental health issues appear to be on the rise, but the positive side is that society is now talking about it a lot more, and warning signs are more easily recognized. Keep an eye on your family. Watch for any changes in personality or a lack of interest in doing activities that they used to enjoy previously. Talk to your children about mental health and let them know you are there for them. If your child has experienced trauma, or you are worried that they may be suffering, consider seeking advice from your physician or

Add exercise into your daily routine

It’s well known that regular exercise is vital for children and adults alike, and studies show that many children are not getting enough exercise. Raising your heart rate daily through physical activity will help your family’s health, both physically and mentally. Perhaps the easiest way to ensure the whole family does enough exercise is to incorporate it into normal routines.

If the children are watching television, for example, encourage programs that require the children to dance along. Do physical activity as a family. Instead of watching a film this Saturday, why not wrap up the children and go for a walk in the local woods?

Track water intake

Your whole family needs to drink enough water – it’s another crucial element of a healthy body, and also affects the ability to concentrate and behave appropriately. Recommendations for the amount of water per day differ depending on the ages of your children, so consult your physician for UpToDate advice. A great way to monitor the drinking habits of the whole family is to each have a water tracking bottle. You can even choose to reward your children (and yourself) if they manage their daily water-drinking target.

Make a healthy snack station

Most children get hungry a lot. Many children seem to be constantly asking for snacks. After being asked for a snack for the sixth time in one morning, many parents can get frustrated and give them anything, such as ice cream or piece of cake, to keep them satisfied for a while.

However, there is a solution to this issue, which means that not only will your family eat healthily, but you also won’t spend your whole life preparing snacks. Each morning, prepare a snack station. Fill a drawer in the fridge, or a basket on the table, with healthy snacks. When your child asks for a snack, you can direct them to the snack station.

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