5 Drug Addictions That Leads To Ultimate Death

“Drug addiction is also called dependence syndrome; it is a condition in which a person feels a heavy need to take drugs to feel better.” Drug addiction is still a mystery. What does addiction mean by addiction.it all starts with the brain? Yes, it all starts with our brain thoughts. Our brain releases a chemical that makes us feel good. The  chemicals which the brain produces that make us feel good are called Neurotransmitters.

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Our brain produces hundreds of neurotransmitters. When a person comes to an addiction the most produced neurotransmitter is called Dopamine.  When dopamine is released in our body we feel good.it is because of the production of dopamine that makes us feel good. Production of dopamine makes us do things again and again. Everyone wants comfort. It is just because of our brain, the brain wants to relax and in this way, our brain trains us to do things again and again just to feel good, as everyone wants!

“Here are the 5 most dangerous drug addictions that lead us to ultimate death”

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Let us explore!

1.GHB: It is a naturally occurring depressant in the body, It stands for gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, GHP is the most popular drug,also called date rape drug or club drug. It is mostly used by teenagers. It affects the brain and causes many negative effects such as amnesia, loss of consciousness, nausea, hallucinations, sweating, and many other death-causing effects.

2.25iN-BOME: N-BOME is a synthetic Hallucinogen drug used to mimic the effects of LDR and MDMA. It causes ultimate death gradually.N-BOME is a deadly drug that mostly surrounds the adults and teenagers.   It is mostly used in parties. The other names of N-BOME are Smiley Paper , Divination, 2C-I-NBOMe, Bom-25N-Bomb, 25-I-NBOMe, Pandora, Solaris, and Wizard. It causes fast heartbeat, high temperature, short term memory problems, and high blood pressure .

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3.Cocaine: Cocaine is another most dangerous drug in the world. It may be snorted or injected by a syringe. People get over it and end up in aggression. It  comes down to tiredness for more than 24 hours. Its addiction causes not only death but a poor life too. It affects the pleasure centers of the brain.

4.Nicotine: Nicotine is a legal drug but it’s incredibly dangerous. It is most widely used in the whole world. Nicotine disturbs the production of Dopamine. It causes the death of 6 million people a year. It may be taken assmoking, snorting, or many other ways.

5.Heroin: It is also named as Hell Dust, Horse, Big H, and Smack People use heroin by snorting, smoking, injecting, or sniffing.Heroin is made from morphine, Morphine is taken from a plant named Poppy Plant. It is a naturally occurring substance. It affects the brain rapidly and controls the heart rate, causes dizziness, sleeping, and also controls breathing. Black sticky Brown powder substance is known as black tar heroin. Other common names for heroin include big H , horse , hell dust, and smack

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