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The current pandemic has affected millions of lives globally. Not only this, but the world’s economy is also facing a severe financial crisis since most businesses have close down. Due to the lock down administered by most nations, and social distancing in effect, people are now working from home.

Since people are not used to sitting home for an extended period, they face severe back and neck pain. It can further cause mobility issues and disturb your normal functioning. The range of pain is sometimes acute depending upon the injury, but in some cases, it can be severe and disabling. However, the period of chronic pain in the neck and back area takes much longer recovery time. The muscles cannot bear the unceasing strain caused by the wrong positioning of the entire spine and shoulder. You can avoid back and neck discomfort by angling your neck in the right direction while using a laptop. Improper working area and chair also lead to an aching neck and back.

Here are seven super tips to avoid back and neck pain while working from home:

Avoid Sitting On The Couch

If you sit for extended time on your sofa or any regular chair and desk, you will not have a correct posture. Sitting in random places for work can equally affect your productivity. When using your laptop on the couch, there is no proper support for the neck and back; you can develop muscle spasm and other issues if you stay in that position for a long time. It would help if you kept head, neck, and spine aligned to maintain a good posture. The couch forces the spine to bend into a C- shape, which can eventually cause chronic nerve damage. If you already have neck and back issues, opt for a comfortable and professional working chair. You can also turn your lounge and dining chair into a relaxed seating by using cushions to support your back correctly.

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Due to the COVID-19  impact, many businesses have ceased their operations. And those that are still in operating condition have shifted their work remotely. Now, most people are working from home, and a significant number of people are experiencing body aches and pains because of excessive sitting.

Align Your Work Tools At The Same Level

When you continuously look down to read from a paper, you put excessive strain on your neck and back muscles. Find support and use a clipboard or a whiteboard to avoid looking down frequently. That will increase your reading and typing ability, and you will be more productive.

Keep Your Neck Straight While Working

Make your screen viewing position comfortable by putting your laptop on a raised surface to minimize the stress from your neck and back. Being productive on a computer and maintaining a pain-free posture is essential. Use an external keyboard to relieve the neck and back pain. Upgrading your screen size is also an excellent option. Provide consistent support to your feet to put the unwanted pressure off your back. Supporting your feet can also help to maintain a neutral lumbar spine.

Use A Comfortable Wrist Rest

When you type for a long duration, your muscles get tensed, and the pain travels from your fingers to your wrist, arms, and then your neck. Using a wrist rest will provide relief to your wrists. They help you to maintain a neutral wrist position. The soft material of the wrist rest eases the palm and fingers when you rest your hands.

Create Your Own Work Space

Get a stable chair and table to place your laptop on it. An Over-sized chair and table can force you to lean forward, which causes fatigue and discomfort. A friendly workspace causes no pain and helps you to achieve your goal. Consider setting a work desk that can accommodate your laptop, keyboard, wrist rest, and other essential papers. Get a chair with a good backrest. Use a step stool or an ottoman to uplift your feet and prevent them from swelling. A cushion or a towel can help you to create a relaxed chair.

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Limit Your Work Time And Take Short Breaks

Being careful and maintaining the posture is not enough; you should take short breaks or stand and walk around your room to stretch your body. Even a one-minute break is helpful to revive and relax your bone and muscular energy.

Avoid Standing Desks

Remaining sedentary is not a healthy choice, but using a standing desk for a long time is not beneficial. Varicose veins and back pain are caused by standing for too long.  Therefore it is better to avoid using standing desks for your office work.


Due to COVID-19 pandemic, many people are working from home. There are professional desks and chairs at many offices that provide comfort and rest to your back and neck. Hence, you can avoid the neck and back pain by using a stable table and chair. Moreover, do not work in one position for too long; taking a break and walking for short intervals is also beneficial. Hopefully, with the tips mentioned above, you can straighten up your posture and avoid getting neck and back pain.

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