How Families Can Promote Health This Holiday Season

Although Thanksgiving and Christmas are wonderful holidays, they can cause many people to falter on their nutrition and wellness goals. At the typical Thanksgiving meal, there are barely any dishes that have quality nutritional value. At Christmas gatherings, there are typically delicious cocktails and desserts galore. On the other end of the spectrum, these holidays are centered around gratitude and community. As families gather together, a greater emphasis should be placed on health. Along with a nutritional perspective, focus should be placed on preventative measures and powerful ways to better health for your family and your community. In this article, we will share the ways the families can promote health this holiday season.

1. Superfood Switches

At your family meal, consider switching out traditional ingredients with superfoods. These foods will not only energize the system, but they are also delicious. When people make healthy decisions with one another, a sense of camaraderie and support is established. Consider putting sweet potatoes into common stuffing recipes or casseroles. Instead of a creamy green bean casserole, create a veggie-heavy salad. By integrating greens into your holiday diet, you can up your energy, iron, and vitamin intake.

2. CPR Training

Spend a portion of the holiday season completing CPR training with your family members. When you become CPR certified, you can ensure that no unexpected emergencies happen as families get together. Newcastle Training offers high-quality courses that train people to intervene in emergency situations. When you invest in CPR training with the people that you love, you will all have a mutual agreement to support and empower one another.

3. Social Distancing

Even though you are likely gathering with family at the holidays, it is important that you continue to practice the recommended social distancing protocol. It can be tempting to let your guard down and engage with family in an intimate setting, but this is not beneficial. Out of respect for yourself and your family, make a conscious effort to follow COVID-19 regulations for safety and health.

4. Group Fitness Opportunities

Make fitness fun this holiday season. Design your own turkey trot, go on group walks, or do yoga in the backyard. When you integrate fitness into family time, you can create amazing memories while maintaining your overall health. Regular exercise helps to offset the additional calories that you likely consume in the winter months. In addition, this helps fuel the family to continue their healthy habits as the new year comes around.


Families are designed to support one another, not hold one another back. When you lose track of all habits and routines, you will not be benefiting yourself or those around you. Healthy habits help to encourage your energy levels, mental stability, and physical well being. By keeping your level of activity and nutrition consistent in the holiday months, you can inspire your family members on their personal health journey. This winter, create memories with your family by developing healthy activities that support wellness in every individual.

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