Want Healthy Teeth? Here Are Foods That You Should Stock Up On update 8-28

While medicine as a field of practice exists to take care of the sick, alternative medicine is much more concerned with preventing diseases. So, when you talk to people who support and promote alternatives, the usual topics are behaviors that you can adopt so that you will be able to avoid cancer, liver disease, and other health issues.

Being mindful of what you eat is useful not only in avoiding certain ailments but also in keeping certain parts of the body healthy. We presume that you found your way to this article because you are looking for a list of goodies that can help you keep your teeth and gums strong. Read on to get to know a few items that you can add to your regular grocery list.


We have been taught since grade school that milk is great for our teeth and bones because it contains calcium, which is the mineral that our bones and teeth are basically made of. Actually, milk is more than that. It also reportedly contains substances that help neutralize the acid in the fruits, salads, and other items that we consume. But milk that is mixed with cereal does not have the same effect. It has become sugary due to the high levels of sucrose in processed cereals, and sugar is bad for the teeth.

If drinking milk is not really something that you see yourself doing, you can replace it with other dairy products such as cheese and yogurt. Because they are milk derivatives, they also contain the same acid-neutralizing substances. Cheese is also said to contain nutrients that help make your teeth?s enamel more durable.

Sugarless Gum

Chewing on sugarless gum is going to be helpful not only because it provides an opportunity for mouth and teeth exercise but also because it increases the production of saliva. Science tells us that saliva naturally contains substances that not only help break down food but also aid in killing bacteria and other microorganisms that get stuck in between teeth.

But we get it. Sugar is what makes life more bearable. It?s in the ice cream that we enjoy, in the chocolate that we love to gobble, and basically in almost everything that excites our palates. Should your sugar intake result in needing help from dental professionals, it will be very easy to find them through the list posted at Emergency Dentists USA.


Researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago have uncovered that black tea contains generous amounts of polyphenols, which are substances that help slow down the growth and proliferation of bacteria that cause cavities and plaque buildup. In their study, they made a group of people rinse their mouths using black tea for a minute, ten times a day. When this group was compared to a group that did the same but only using water, they found that those who rinsed with black tea had significantly less buildup of plaque.

Another group of researchers also uncovered that the polyphenols in black tea also stop bacteria from producing foul-smelling compounds. With this, it can be inferred that black tea can be a good treatment for bad breath.

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