3 Alternative Methods Of Treating Obesity

Obesity poses as a significant health hazard which makes people all the more vulnerable in succumbing to heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer. Characterized by having a body mass index exceeding 30, obesity receives inertia when we consume greater quantum of calorie compared to what we can burn through our daily activities. But along with problems come solutions and the same is also applicable in the case of obesity which can be treated with the array of medical help which is readily available.

A growing trend of alternative therapies and medications are experiencing considerable rise off late given the growing health-consciousness among people who understand very well that traditional medicines might tag along long-term side effects. Thus, it is advisable to first consult a physician who will advise you regarding the best possible option available which shall be in sync with your anatomy attributes.

Herbal Supplements

Medicinal plant exacts are evolving into one of the foremost methods of weight loss on a long-term basis. Garcinia Cambogia is one such herbal medicine, which is rich in hydroxycitric acid. This enzyme lessens appetite by inducing a feeling of satiety. Green tea produced from the Camellia Sinesis is another popular remedy for warding off obesity by influencing our sympathetic nervous system for increasing energy consumption and oxidizing fat production.


This longstanding practice involves the insertion of needles in certain points of the skin termed as acupoints. This has evolved into a widely popular alternative mechanism of treating obesity by regulating the production of neuropeptides in the central nervous system. Acupuncture also regulates sympathetic-adrenal cortex axis and hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal cortex thus reducing total cholesterol, triglycerides and lipid.

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Diet plans

Following a healthy diet can limit your calorie intake while keeping the level of essential nutrients high. Ketogenic diet has been gaining rapid popularity off late with more and more people opting for best low carb protein powder-keto-friendly shakes for weight loss. By following this diet, you can substitute carbohydrate with healthy fats and protein which will cause your body to enter a state of ketosis as fats are turned into ketones for maintaining the supply of energy to the brain.


Exercise as we all know plays a pivotal role in maintaining our overall health. However, its importance gains further emphasis when you are trying to fight obesity issues. You can start with lunges since it brings upon maximum calorie burn by targeting multiple muscles at once. Burpees especially target the chest, legs and core for building up lean muscle mass. Squats, when done correctly, can tone down your lower body while resistance bands and mountain climbers target your hamstring and abs. You need to follow a workout regimen which shall involve the training of each and every segment of your body.

If the methods mentioned above do not work out, then as the last resort you can opt for weight loss surgeries which shall limit your food intake and prohibit your body from absorbing greater calories than desired. However, these surgeries might bring along several health risks and patients have to regulate their new eating habits to reduce chances of falling sick. Bariatric surgery is only performed on people suffering from serious problems related to obesity and having a BMI of 40 or more. Patients opting for the same usually undergo counselling for preparing emotionally paired with requisite lifestyle changes. If you have questions or want to know if bariatric surgery might be right for you, talk to a professional surgeon like those at BMCC. Bariatric surgery cost can vary so check in with a specialist about payment plans or what options you might have to get your weight under control.

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  1. I never know that Acupuncture can cure obesity.. I always ask for Acupuncture every time I feel stress and not feeling well. This is the old Chinese way to cure! Anyways thanks for sharing! I am learning!

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