Escape Rooms in Edmonton: Original Quests to Break Your Brain Body

Are you keen on all possible forms of riddles, puzzles, and mysteries? If yes, escape rooms are a perfect match to spend time in a meaningful and super exciting way.

What exactly are those escape rooms? First of all, it’s all in the name: you will need to find a way out of the room by handling a set of challenging tasks, requiring hard thinking, creative approaches, and often teamwork. You will be locked there and have to accomplish all the assignments within a specific timeframe. So, that’s a fight against the clock. In many scenarios, participants look for a key to open the door and either transition to another task or end the quest.

Escape room in Edmonton

Such escape games with unique themes and storylines are available in Canada at Escape Hour. Many of them are inspired by cult movies and require knowledge of their characters, plots, and details. Examples are ‘Catch me if you can,’ ‘The Matrix,’ and others.

What Games Does Escape Hour Provide?

Escape rooms in Edmonton contain a few categories:

  1. Battle.

The goal is to compete against another team and outwit them, overcoming your tasks together as a company.

  1. Action.

If you’re not only an intellectual nerd but a sporty one, the Action game type might be the best. It offers various moving activities plus solving riddles, not necessarily in teams.

  1. Shooter.

Escape Hour

VR, or Virtual Reality, is the pearl of this type. In such escape rooms, you’re going to experience a full immersion into the fictional plot with excellent graphics and realistic events, of course, with challenging tasks.

Challenge yourself to come out as a winner from an escape room in Edmonton, and you will surely have the time of your life and uncover the hidden abilities of your brain.

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