Amazing Facts You Need To Know About Birth Control Methods

Birth control methods are used to prevent pregnancy. There are different types; permanent, emergency, and reversal methods. The different types work differently in different couples. Consult your doctor to find out which works best for you.

Benefits of birth control

  • Hormonal birth control methods balance any fluctuations that might be there with the hormones in the body throughout the cycle. This helps normalize issues like heavy bleeding.
  • Also, they help in reducing the pain that one experiences during their periods. The birth controls prevent ovulation, and consequently, the uterus does not expand and contract; therefore, you do not experience any pain.
  • Acne that appears as a result of hormonal imbalance will also be taken care of. A significant number of women have reported having bright faces after they started using hormonal birth controls.
  • According to research, women who use them have a 50% less chance of contracting uterine cancer. This effect can last in your body for over twenty years after you stop taking the drugs.
  • Research has also shown that women who have menstrual migraines get better after they start using hormonal birth control methods. The reasoning behind this is that hormonal changes cause migraines in some people; therefore, when the medications normalize the hormone levels, then they stop the migraines.

How birth controls work

  • There are hormonal birth controls such as pills like the enskyce pills that prevent ovulation from taking place. They cause the body of the women to become temporarily infertile. The lady in question will start ovulating after she stops taking the birth controls.
  • The barrier method is also a typical birth control for those who do not want to use the hormonal process. This one works by preventing the male sperms from reaching the female egg. Examples of barrier methods are condoms, cervical caps, and diaphragms.
  • There are others knows as spermicides. These are chemicals intended to destroy the sperm before it reaches the female egg.
  • Finally, there are other uterine devices which work by preventing the fertilized egg from implanting in the uterine wall, which would result in a pregnancy. Therefore if there is no implantation, then there is no baby formed.
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Types of birth controls

  • Reversible methods. These are birth control methods that once you stop using them, the lady will be able to get pregnant immediately or after a few months of waiting. For example, condoms, hormonal birth control pills like enskyce and different spermicides.
  • Permanent birth control methods. These methods are often irreversible, and once you decide on them, there is no turning back. The couple must have decided that they do not want any more children, for example, vasectomy in men.
  • Emergency birth control methods. Also known as the morning-after pills is only to be used in emergency cases when you do not have a regular birth control method, and you do not want to get pregnant. They should not be used in substitute for a conventional way.


All these methods are practical and are used daily by women. However, the reason they are so many and work in different ways is that bodies react differently to each one of them, some will work for one lady and not in the other. Therefore find out what works best for you and go for it.

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