How Post Surgery Bras Will Help You After Surgery

When you have been diagnosed with cancer, it is a heart stopping moment for most people. Even if the diagnosis is expected, nothing can truly prepare a person for the news. There is sadness, fear, anxiety to name but a few emotions. The good news however is that more and more people are in fact living with cancer rather than dying from the disease. If it is breast cancer, a mastectomy can be performed to remove the breast or breasts and the cancer form. Some people elect to have a mastectomy and they may do this because of a genetic tendency towards the disease. A mastectomy can be performed regardless of sex and for women in particular, there is not only the trauma of losing one or more breasts but there is the adjustment to looking different. There is however a choice of methods which will allow you to have your shape back again.

The first would be to have reconstructive surgery but many women are reluctant to have yet another operation and for those women, the alternative is to choose from a wide range of mastectomy bras. Live Better With is the place where you can get these bras post surgery. The bras can be very helpful after surgery for the following reasons.

  • They allow you to quickly adopt your post mastectomy shape which can help with confidence which can be easily dented after such a traumatic procedure. At least with the knowledge that you can have your feminine shape back again should go to helping with your recovery process.
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It is however important to be in discussion with your surgeon as to when it would be suitable for you to begin wearing the bra. 

  • A mastectomy bra can also provide you with some very useful practical help. It is an idea to find out whether there are any features that you require from your bra. For example, if your surgeon requires you to have compression to the area, there are mastectomy bras that will be able to provide that feature for you. Are you going to have to use a surgical drain, in which case you will need a pocket to accommodate the drain. You may not be able to stretch around to your back, in which case, you may need a front fastening bra.
  • A mastectomy bra will offer you a layer of protection. You have just had a major operation, leaving you with a wound. Having a layer of protection will offer you peace of mind and a feeling of security.
  • There are bras available in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors to suit individual tastes. Some of the bras will come with breast formations and some will come with pockets which will allow you to put in your own breast prosthesis.

Mastectomy bras have developed over the years into very comfortable and attractive garments. There is no doubt that there will be a bra to suit individual tastes and needs and shopping for a bra, whether it be a plain style or a detailed lace style, need not be a chore.

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