Best Benefits of Probiotics and Prebiotics to Gut Health

Taking probiotics daily is an important component to maintaining a healthy gut and strong immune system, but prebiotics can be just as important, as it’s the prebiotics that feed the probiotics. Taken together, probiotics and prebiotics work synergistically to support a healthier microbiome. Wakunaga of America has developed Kyo-Dophilus Pro+ Synbiotic chewable tablets to make taking probiotics and prebiotics more convenient and uncomplicated.

“Often when people look for gut health supplements they get overwhelmed with the options and it can all be confusing,” said Sherry Torkos, holistic pharmacist and author of more than a dozen books on natural health and healing. “What I like about the Kyo-Dophilus Pro+ Synbiotic chewable supplement is that it is easy to take, especially for people who are pill adverse. I also like that it comes in packets instead of bottles, so it’s simple to pack, transport, and requires no refrigeration.”

Kyo-Dophilus Pro+ Synbiotic contains 20 billion CFU of a diverse community of nine beneficial bacteria species, including Wakunaga’s “The Friendly Trio,” a clinically studied blend of L. gasseri KS-13, B. bifidum G9-1, and B. longum MM-2. Published studies on this specific combination of strains show that it supports improved digestion, reduces cold and seasonal allergy symptoms, and restores a healthy microbiome in older adults. Additionally, Pro+ Synbiotic has six probiotics with targeted benefits including: B. longum BB536, which has been show to dampen allergy symptoms, boost innate immunity, and relieve occasional digestive discomfort; B. breve M-16-V, another probiotic that guards against seasonal allergies as well as atopic dermatitis; plus B. infantisL. rhamnosus, and B. lactis, which support gastrointestinal health by harmonizing gut microbiota, regulating bowel frequency and alleviating bloating and abdominal discomfort.

Each of the strains used in Pro+ Synbiotic have been carefully selected for clinically-studied digestive and immune benefits. Each chewable tablet also contains 2 grams of BioEcolians, a proprietary a-gluco-oligosaccharide prebiotic designed to support microbiome diversity for improved digestive health, better immune response including killing pathogenic bacteria in the gut, as well as reducing constipation, improving stool consistency, reducing bloating discomfort, and enhancing satiety while reducing body weight and abdomen fat.

“It makes so much more sense to take a probiotic and prebiotic together in order to capitalize on all the synergistic benefits,” said Torkos who serves as an expert adviser on Wakunaga’s “Finding a well-researched, quality supplement is critical especially when we are talking about probiotics, which are live bacteria. This is not a supplement you want to just casually purchase at a drug store. It’s important to do your research and purchase from reputable companies.”

Wakunaga of America has a 30-year track record of developing clinically effective probiotics. To learn more about Wakunaga’s full line of Kyo-Dophilus Probiotics including: Pro+ Synbiotic, Max, Daily, Multi 9, Enzyme+, Cran+ and Kids visit:

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