Causes Of Hepatitis: Biomagnetism Therapy and Alternative Treatment Methods


Are you suffering from hepatitis? This is a form of infectious disease caused by Hepatitis A, B, and C virus. You can contact them through unhygienic practices, unprotected intercourse, contaminated food items, etc. Different meditations are used to treat the various symptoms of hepatitis.

Are you aware of the fact that you enhance your traditional hepatitis treatments? Well, alternative treatments can enhance the efficacy of your traditional hepatitis medications. Moreover, they can fight off any medication side-effects that might be there.

Let’s first go through the causes of hepatitis, then we can learn about its traditional treatments and alternative treatment methods.

Hepatitis- What Can Cause This Disease?

A variety of factors can cause hepatitis. However, hygiene issues are common to all of them. Here are the possible causes of hepatitis-.

  • You can contract hepatitis by consuming food infected with the hepatitis virus. This usually happens due to poor hygiene practices.
  • Medical procedures performed by unsterilized needles and tools can transmit the hepatitis virus to your blood.
  • Unhygienic habits such as unprotected intercourse, needle sharing for intravenous drugs, etc, can also cause hepatitis.
  • Mothers infected by the hepatitis virus can pass it on to their babies while giving birth or during breastfeeding.
  • Sometimes receiving blood, organ transplant from an infected donor, etc. can also cause hepatitis.
  • Unsterilized tattoo needles and tools can also cause hepatitis in your body.
  • Other hepatitis-inducing factors include close contact with infected people, lack of hepatitis injections, etc.

So now that you are aware of the causes of hepatitis, be more careful. If you have contracted it already, no worries the traditional and alternative treatments will be able to help you.

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Traditional methods to treat hepatitis

Traditional hepatitis treatment methods mostly include antiviral medications, a balanced diet, lifestyle changes, etc. Antiviral medications are useful when the hepatitis symptoms are severe. In case the liver is too damaged by the hepatitis virus then the medical expert might suggest a transplant. Do avoid alcohol and some specific medications during the healing process.

Alternative treatments are natural methods to help your body get rid of the hepatitis virus. They will go perfectly well with your hepatitis medications and even surgery. They can gently boost the efficacy of medication while fighting off their side effects.

So now that you know how to protect yourself from the causes of hepatitis, let’s get into the alternative treatment options that you can use alongside your traditional hepatitis treatments to heal as fast as possible.

Biomagnetism Therapy to treat hepatitis

Biomagnetism Therapy is a form of natural alternative treatment. In this therapy, the practitioner identifies and treats ailments with the help of magnets.

The therapy magnets will interact with your body’s magnetic field imbalanced by the hepatitis virus. This interaction will balance your body’s magnetic field. This will improve your blood circulation. The hepatitis medications can then reach the affected parts of your body through blood to heal them.

This therapy also improves cellular function. With better cellular function the diseased cells of your organs will get replaced by new healthier ones. So your liver will stay protected from severe damage.

Hepatitis virus can take your body’s pH level above 7( the average human pH) making your body acidic and more prone to the effects of hepatitis virus. This therapy will take it back to 7 and boost the immune system. As a result, your body will get neutralized and your body can fight off the hepatitis virus better.

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Want to know what makes this therapy different? Well, Biomagnetism Therapy is completely painless and involves no invasive procedures.

However, there are other alternative methods that can help you fight off the causes of hepatitis and the liver damage due to it. Read to know more.

More alternative treatment options

You can take your pick from any of these alternative treatments for hepatitis too. Here they are-

Herbs to rescue

Different herbs such as milk thistle, turmeric, etc, are known for their anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties to help you fight liver inflammation. These herbs will enhance your immunity to help you battle the hepatitis virus. So your liver will stay protected from severe damage.


Probiotics are good bacteria that can speed up the digestion process. In hepatitis, probiotics can help your infected body absorb nutrients better. So your liver inflammation will go down. When your body receives more nutrients you will have a stronger immunity. Your body can then protect itself from hepatitis viruses.

Always remember that these treatments must be used in conjunction with traditional hepatitis treatment for maximum benefit.

Safety measures you must take

First, you need to look for an experienced medical professional who can choose the right alternative treatment for you.

Biomagnetism Therapy though safe is not a good choice for people with pacemakers and pregnant women. If practiced in unhygienic conditions it can lead to infections.

Herbal remedies might end up triggering allergic reactions in some people. Probiotics might not be effective for every hepatitis patient out there.

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FAQS about alternative treatments for hepatitis

Q1) Can alternative treatments be useful for hepatitis patients?

Alternative treatments can be a gentle boost to your traditional hepatitis treatment. The alternative treatments are very gentle and can help you heal at a faster pace.

Q2) Can Biomagnetism Therapy safely heal hepatitis patients?

Biomagnetism Therapy though safe is not a good choice for people with pacemakers and pregnant women. If practiced in unhygienic conditions it can lead to infections.

Q3) Are herbs useful for hepatitis treatment?

Herbs such as turmeric, milk thistle, etc, can help reduce liver inflammation in hepatitis patients. These herbs also have antiviral properties to kill hepatitis viruses.

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Wrapping it up!

So now that you are aware of the causes of hepatitis, its alternative and traditional treatments what are you waiting for? Along with a trained medical professional build a treatment plan combining both traditional and alternative treatment to heal from hepatitis.


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