How to Get Rid of Freckles

Freckles are light brown or tan spots on the face

If you have been looking for answers to questions such as what are freckles? How can I get rid of them? If this sounds familiar this article is for you. Freckles are light brown or tan spots on the face that contain melanin. They are not harmful or painful, but some people hate the appearance of freckles; they would rather get rid of them.

If you are thinking about getting rid of freckles, here are some ideas:


Sometimes sunshine can cause freckles to seem to become more noticeable. Although sunscreen does not get rid of existing freckles, it prevents new ones from forming. You need to wear sunscreen all through the year even when it is cloudy. Make sure that you choose a product with an SPF of 30 or more.

You also have to apply sunscreen at least fifteen minutes before heading outside. Ensure that you reapply this product after excessive sweating or swimming.


This form of surgery uses extreme cold to freeze abnormal skin cells and destroy them. Cryosurgery is generally safe and does not require any anesthesia ahead of time. The potential side effects of this surgery include blistering, bleeding, and hypo pigmentation. In most cases, cryosurgery does not result in scarring.

Laser Treatment

This treatment uses pulses to focus on the damaged areas of the skin. The risk of scarring is low, which makes laser treatment a good option. The side effects of this treatment include redness, swelling, infection, itching, peeling, crustiness, and infection.

If you have had oral herpes in the past, you might have to take antiviral meds before undergoing laser treatment. This is mostly because the treatment can cause the herpes around the mouth to flare up. You might also have to avoid some products and medication before this procedure.

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Make sure that you inform your doctor about the creams and medication that you are using. You might need up to two weeks to heal from laser treatment. To achieve the best results, you need to have multiple sessions.

Fading Cream

Bleaching or fading cream is available by prescription or over the counter. Most of these products contain an ingredient that suppresses the production of melanin to lighten freckles and other darker areas of skin. The side effects of using a topical fading cream include blistering, burning, dryness, and inflammation.

Chemical Peel

If you opt for a chemical peel, you will use a chemical solution to exfoliate damaged skin and peel it. To eliminate freckles, a moderate chemical containing glycolic acid is necessary, as it will penetrate the middle layers of the skin. Once you remove the damaged skin, a new layer will grow to replace it.

A chemical peel may cause temporary irritation, redness, crusting, swelling, stinging, and peeling. A moderate skin peel will take up to 2 weeks to heal. This means that you will also need an antiviral prescription for that duration. Make sure that you stay away from the sun until your skin heals completely.

Natural Remedies

People swear by certain natural remedies for eliminating freckles. Although these remedies are not scientifically proven, they will not cause any harm when used moderately. They include:

Honey ? make a face scrub by mixing honey with salt or sugar to lighten freckles.

Lemon ? use a cotton ball to apply lemon juice directly to your skin then wash it off. Lemon juice works by lightening the skin thus eliminating freckles.

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Onion ? slice an onion, rub it on your skin, and then wash it off your skin using warm water.

Freckles are harmless but many people eliminate them for cosmetic reasons. Before choosing any of the above freckle-removal methods, make sure that you speak to your dermatologist first.

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