Instant Pot Edible Recipes You Can Try at Home

Cooking at home may have entered a new renaissance. When it was cool to eat at your favorite restaurants, it was fun. But for now, many people are opting to get takeout. And more people yet, have been learning to cook at home.

The pandemic has changed many things. And we’ve all had to learn how to entertain ourselves at home. One day when our battle with the Covid-19 virus has been won, we may all find that we are better at economizing and cooking at home.

Everyone has an Instant Pot. And if you don’t have one, you need to get one. Sure, you may already have a trusty slow cooker in your kitchen. But the Instant Pot (particularly the ones with the hybrid fryer options) is an incredible upgrade. You won’t believe what you can cook in an Instant Pot. Including pot.

Every step from activating (decarboxylating) your cannabis to creating cannabis-infused dressings, cooking oils, butter, desserts, entrees, and even beverages like wine. There are so many edible recipes popping up that are easy to make with your trusty Instant Pot.

So, if you got an Instant Pot for your birthday or Christmas, and it is still sitting in your closet, pull it out, dust it off, and head for the kitchen. Because you won’t believe what else your Instant Pot can do and the kind of cannabis-infused adventures you can have with it at home.

Keeping the Dank Stank Down When You Decarboxylate

In your socially distanced pandemic cooking adventures, you may have tried making your edibles. Why not? Everyone else does! But whether you live in an apartment, a house, or your parent’s basement, there is one big problem with making homemade edibles—the telltale smell.

Now, if you live in a state where recreational (adult-use) weed is legal, that may be no big deal. You may already be smelling decarboxylated cannabis in your neighborhood. But if you have a medical card, and adult-use is not legal where you are, you may not want to advertise it. Or get those looks of disapproval from your neighbors when they do a mock sniff test of the air from the patio.

Don’t you wish you could be honest with them? Well, you could, but then you risk a potential Karen-esque event, and no one has time for that. Your Instant Pot has your back when it comes to covert decarboxylating, though. During the process of toasting your weed, it’s going to minimize the smell substantially.

The Instant Pot won’t, however, eliminate the smell. Every Instant Pot has a silicone ring inside that acts as a seal. That keeps most of the odors inside the pot during the process. But, if you are going to use your Instant Pot to decarboxylate cannabis, you may want to get two—one for your infused secret recipes and another for regular food. The seal can hold on to smells.

Using Your Instant Pot to Decarboxylate Cannabis

One of the great things about using an Instant Pot to decarb your weed is the timer and temperature settings. We all have that one friend that burnt a cookie tray full of bud. It compels us to have a moment of silence over the tragedy. But with an Instant Pot, it’s near impossible to burn your weed.

Here are the no-waste steps to decarboxylate cannabis in an Instant Pot:

  1. Prepare your flower by grinding it up. If you have been reserving your kief, you can decarb it at the same time to add extra punch to your edibles.
  2. Place your ground up cannabis into a small mason jar. Toasting kief at the same time? Cool. Get another smaller mason jar with an airtight lid. Make sure the lids are fastened tightly (or you’ll end up with soggy weed).
  3. Place water in your Instant Pot. You will want to fill it to the halfway mark with water. Then place the sealed mason jars inside the Instant Pot.
  4. Set your Instant Pot on high for forty minutes and lock down the lid.

After forty minutes have passed, turn off your Instant Pot and use oven mitts to remove the jars carefully. Both the jars and the water are going to be piping hot. Set the jars on a cutting board or cooling rack for about thirty minutes. It can be stored safely inside the mason jar. The airtight seal will help preserve the THC content.

Creating Cannabis Butter In an Instant Pot

How many of your favorite recipes include butter as the main ingredient? One of the reasons why so many people enjoy making cannabutter is because it is versatile. You can eat it on a sandwich or include it in your pancakes. You can melt it on some corn on the cob or make brownies or cookies with it. Yum!

As you start experimenting and cooking with cannabis, cannabutter is one of the easiest recipes to make. If you want to get fancy, you can use a similar process to create clarified cannabis-infused gee too. We’re not sure why gee gained hipster status, but it’s a thing.

Create your cannabutter in a few easy steps, using your Instant Pot:

  1. Take the decarboxylated or activated cannabis and put it into a mason jar with an airtight lid. Use about ½ ounce of cannabis for your first batch of cannabutter.
  2. Melt one cup of butter in the microwave. Then pour it into the mason jar, and mix thoroughly with your activated cannabis. If you want to add some extra bang to your butter, add some of your decarboxylated kief to the mixture.
  3. Fill the Instant Pot with water, up to the 50% level, on your mason jar. Set the timer on the high setting for twenty (20) minutes. Then safely remove from your Instant Pot (use gloves!).

You probably don’t want to use a mason jar to serve your butter. And you may want to transfer it to a container you can keep in the fridge. After allowing it to cool for about ten minutes, your cannabis-infused butter should be thickened but not solid. Pour it into a container you love, slap on a lid, and store.

Exploring a World of Instant-Pot Cannabis-Infused Recipes Online

Everyone is crazy about using an Instant Pot. And since the pandemic has us at home doing the social distancing thing, cooking has become one way to fight boredom. Cannabis-infused cooking is anything but boring, and it can be a group activity too. Just prop up your phone or laptop in the kitchen and jump on Facetime or Zoom. Make it a social thing.

What other 420 yummies can you make with your Instant Pot? Here are just some of the recipes and resources we found on Google.

  1. Instant Pot Recipes You Can Make At Home” on
  2. Instant Pot Brownies” on Delish.
  3. “Cannabis-Infused Ramen Noodle Soup” on Cannadish.

A few words of caution about making and serving edibles: if you live in a state where medical cannabis is legalized (but not recreational), it is illegal to help another individual with a cannabis-infused meal. You may have your medical card, but they do not. And you don’t want anyone to get in trouble.

If you live in a state where recreational weed is legalized? You can make some extras for your friends. Create a big batch of delicious cannabis-infused ramen, and drop off some homemade takeout at the door of some of your best buddies. Taking precautions and social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t do something nice for your friends. And they’ll appreciate the gesture.

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