During our stay at home orders, workout at home has become the latest buzz. Despite that, if you have been facing the problem of male breasts that make you feel conscious about yourself, then it is time you considered undergoing Male Breast Reduction Toronto. Here is your guide to how to go about it.


What are male breasts?

Clinically known as Gynecomastia, the condition of male breasts is caused by a hormonal imbalance which in turn gives rise to benign mammary glandular tissue and storing of fat in the breast area. According to conservative estimates, this issue affects about 40% of the men. Opting for scarless male breast reduction or male breast reduction with incisions can give you a more defined chest contour.


Are you a good candidate for male breast reduction procedure?

If you are in good health with realistic expectations of recovery and results, then you might just be a good candidate for the procedure. You should have a stable weight and with no plans of losing an excessive amount of weight before undergoing the surgery. In case you are planning to drop weight before undergoing the procedure then it might affect the results negatively.

Some medical conditions also contribute to the situation of male breasts like hyperthyroidism and kidney failure. Some medications may also cause excessive male breast growth like steroids, heart medication and antibiotics. If you suspect any of these, then you should consult your physician before undergoing a male breast reduction procedure.


What happens during the surgery?              

The experience of the surgery differs from person to person depending upon the concerns. Anaesthesia is administered. If you are opting for the scarless procedure, then tiny incisions will be made in the natural creases of your chest or armpit to allow for a cannula to be inserted and liposuction to be performed. Each incision measures about a few millimetres. The unwanted fat will be suctioned out, sculpting your chest. If there is any excess skin or glandular tissue present then incisions are created around the areola to allow for their removal.

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Book your consultation

Book your consultation with Dr Golger and Dr Romy who are experienced and renowned plastic surgeons. During your consultation with them, they will examine you and determine whether you are a good candidate for the procedure or not. You will be discussing the aesthetic goals that you wish to achieve and they will guide you through the process telling you what the procedure can do for you. Apart from that, they will also suggest some procedures which will help you to achieve your aesthetic goals. Their experience and the state of the art clinic will ensure that you get the best possible.

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