How Can Medical Cannabis Improve Your Workout?

In the last twenty-five years, attitudes towards medical cannabis use have changed drastically in the United States. These changes have gained momentum with the legalization of medical and recreational use at the state level in some regions. There has also been a noted increase in the demand for medical marijuana and clinicians across the country have had to respond to this rising demand for information on the health effects associated with medical marijuana. While there are many benefits to medical cannabis, one often overlooked benefit is that it can improve your workout.

Several medical marijuana patients use marijuana to aid their workouts. It’s a common misconception that marijuana cannot aid exercise. In fact, there is a substantial population of healthy, active adults who use cannabis for its myriad of advantages ranging from post-exercise relaxation and sleep to reducing muscle spasms and pain. As Junella Chin, M.D., an integrative medicine physician in New York and California specializing in medical cannabis and osteopathic neuromuscular medicine reports, medical cannabis can even act as a neuro-protectant for contact sports for helping with  concussions and head injuries. Patients often use medical marijuana before and after a workout. We intend to help you reap all the benefits of medical marijuana by helping you with getting your medical marijuana card in Arizona, easily and quickly.


While research does indicate that medical marijuana reduces peak performance, it has also been known to heighten sensory perceptions, which help your body in interpreting and responding to signals during exercise. During exercise, medical marijuana improves your workout by increasing your lung capacity and relaxing your muscle tone. As many patients report feeling a meditative mood after use, medical cannabis can vastly improve your focus and concentration while doing repetitive activities like running on the treadmill, for example.

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After exercise, medical marijuana has been found to alleviate muscle soreness and pain, which might be keeping you from adopting an active lifestyle.

In Arizona, how should you opt for a medical marijuana card?

Veriheal is the place you need to go if you are looking to get your medical marijuana card in Arizona. Following an easy three-step process of booking an appointment, consulting a licensed medical marijuana doctor, and filling out the application for the state program, Veriheal is the most time-efficient and thorough way to put in your application. Through the simplicity of the process outlined on our website, we aim to provide access to doctors so that patients can get evaluated for  their medical marijuana card at the earliest so they can begin reaping the potential benefits of medical cannabis.

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