How Aestheticians Rejuvenate the Face

Making someone’s face look more beautiful isn’t just about looking at all the things that might be wrong with them and fixing it. It’s about a holistic approach that considers what the patient wants and how to achieve it, as well as identifying problems that might not be readily apparent to the patient. Here is what aestheticians are looking at and looking for as they beautify their clients’ faces.

Remove Negative Messaging

The reason that many people come to The Artisan Clinic is because they are not happy with the way their face or skin looks. When they spend time in front of the mirror, they see things that drag down their self confidence or that make them feel unhappy or that they simply want to change.

Aestheticians will sometimes call these negative messages, and they can be frown lines (or smile lines) wrinkles, sagging skin, blemishes, discolorations and more. Many of these are things that can be fixed, removed or changed.

The aesthetician’s job is to talk to the patient about what they want done and do their best to accomplish that. On top of that, they also have to identify problems to the patient, telling them about some imperfections they might have missed or warning them about potential complications because of underlying health issues or other reasons.

The aesthetician will work with the client to ensure that they get the look they want and ensure that the results are long lasting and noticeable.

Create a Tailored Plan

Each patient is different. Some of them have a few needs or request and others have many. Some of them want minor adjustments while others want a major overhaul. Some patients will come with health problems that need to be considered or a schedule they need to work around.

The aesthetician will work with the patient to ensure that their needs are met and that they are being accommodated. A personalized plan will be created to ensure that the patient has everything they need and that the most effective treatment plan can be carried out.

The plan may change in time. As the patient see their progress, they may want to change up their initial plans for facial rejuvenation and take a different route or try a different method. They may also not need as much work done as they thought initially and may be happy with where they are after a few treatments.

The Right Method for Each Patient

There are a lot of modern techniques used at Singapore aesthetic clinics. You might not have even heard about some of them because of how new and cutting edge they are.

The aesthetic clinic can offer treatments like picosure that will help clients to have younger-looking skin. This is a laser treatment that activates the cells in in your body to make your skin smoother, tighter and more vibrant.

Face thread lifts are very popular these days as well. This involves inserting surgical threads just under the skin to force the body to start producing collagen. Facial care experts know that collagen is vital for making skin look younger, elastic and smooth.

When possible, aestheticians will use natural methods and few to no chemicals. This minimizes the risk of side effects and ensures a more natural process for the patient. You can always talk to your aesthetician about what your option are, how safe they are and how they might interact with any medical conditions that you have.

The Holistic Approach

Treatment for patients involves looking at the whole patient and not just their physical needs. The patient is also analyzed at an emotional level so that they will be truly happy with the outcome of the facial rejuvenation process. While cutting edge techniques are very helpful and skilled aestheticians can give patients more than they dreamed of, it is important that all aspects of the patient be considered and catered for.

The very best aesthetician clinics will pleasantly surprise the patient with their service and their decisions. They will be able to provide a comfortable environment for the patient and assurance that they can deliver the expected outcome. If you are considering facial rejuvenation, then call your local aesthetic clinic today.

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