Tony Horton launches the latest flavor of their best-selling protein powders

Power Life High Impact Protein Strawberry Vanilla

Power Life by Tony Horton announces the launch of the latest flavor of their best-selling protein powders – Strawberry Vanilla High Impact Whey Protein and Strawberry Vanilla High Impact Plant Protein. Created by fitness legend Tony Horton, these protein powder supplements are packed with a powerful blend of proteins, vitamin D3, HMB, and digestive enzymes. Together, these ingredients help nourish muscles, and support muscle-building, muscle strength, and overall health.

Here are the ingredients and unique benefits that each of these Power Life proteins has to offer:

  • Power Life High Impact Whey Protein ($69.95): this protein contains ethically sourced whey from grass-fed cows in the United Kingdom. Combined with HMB + Vitamin D3, Aquamin®, and ChroMax®, this unique blend helps nourish your muscles, support your strength, and support the preservation of lean muscle.†*
  • Power Life High Impact Plant Protein ($69.95): packed with a vegan protein blend derived from pea, rice, fava, mung bean, and pumpkin seed, this plant protein powder is a nutritional powerhouse. Plus, it’s also fortified with HMB, Vitamin D3, Aquamin®, and ChroMax®. Harnessing the benefits of Aquamin’s® nutrient-rich algae-based superfood, it supports strong bones and muscles. Whether it’s your active days or well-deserved rest days, this protein blend and essential vitamins have your muscle strength and overall health covered.†*

Along with the new strawberry vanilla flavor, Power Life High Impact Whey Protein and Power Life High Impact Plant Protein are also available in chocolate and vanilla, which can all be purchased on the Power Life website.

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