Making Choices When Selecting CBD Oil

It is no surprise that the world has gone crazy for the CBD oil after all the positive effects that users experienced by using it. More and more people suffering from different illnesses turn to the ‘miracle-cure all’ – as it is popularly known. This topic, however, is controversial due to the fact that in many countries in the world the Cannabis is illegal. The main reason for that is its substance THC that gives the psychoactive effects when consuming it. Well, researchers and manufacturers have found a way to give the CBD to the people without this substance and have created the THC free CBD oil. Now let’s see why people choose the CBD oil without any THC and what is the difference between these two substances.

CBD vs. THC 

The medical abbreviation CBD stands for cannabidiol and this is one of the most researched cannabinoids from the hemp plant. Next on the line is THC which is also a cannabinoid and its full name is tetrahydrocannabinol. Both substances are extracted from Cannabis Sativa and have specific properties. CBD is the one that carries the most healing properties, however, it’s usually the combination with THC in the final product that gives the therapeutical effects. THC is responsible for the psychoactive effects or getting the person high, therefore it’s natural that some people would like to get a product without that result. For that reason, hemp growers have started making the THC free CBD oil. 

Even though the regular CBD oil contains THC, it still needs to be at a low level. It is regulated by law that the CBD oil products should contain no more than 0.3% THC. With this ratio, there shouldn’t be any worries about getting the psychoactive effects when consuming regular CBD oil.

Why Choose THC Free CBD Oil

One of the main reasons users choose the THC free CBD oil is because it has zero percent THC in its compound as we mentioned. For anyone who wouldn’t like to be exposed to unnecessary ingredients or substances, this is a perfect choice. Furthermore, the THC free CBD oil is odorless, has no smell or color nor taste. It’s suitable to use it as an additive to your drinks or food and get a CBD infused coffee in the morning. The CBD oil that contains no THC at all has the same therapeutical effects as the full-spectrum CBD oil. It helps in treating epilepsy, depression, anxiety or even multiple sclerosis. It is mainly used to relieve pain or because of its calming effects. 

How to Recognize a High Quality CBD oil

No matter which type of CBD product you choose to try, it is important to know where to find the proper CBD oil. There are many sellers out there, especially online that sell ridiculously cheap CBD oil or claim that their product is genuine but there is no guarantee for that. Here are the key factors or criteria to determine whether you can trust the seller or not. 

First of all, see if they use organic CBD for their products. Many CBD companies in Colorado can pride themselves in producing and selling organic CBD products because they extract it from homegrown hemp. This is not a surprise, having in mind that Colorado is the first federal state that has legalized the cultivation and sale of marijuana. The next thing you need to pay close attention to is testing the products in a third-party lab. Any CBD seller needs to have the third-party lab results and to be able to provide them to their buyers upon request. If you find a company that sells CBD and they refuse or are hesitant to disclose these results that should be a red flag to you. 

Also, the regular CBD oil should have a low level of THC in their compound, or to be more precise it shouldn’t be any higher than 0.3%. If you decide to try the THC free CBD oil, make sure that the level of THC there is 0%. Finally, check the reviews. The feedback from the users might be the best indicator of the quality of the products.

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