Does Medical Marijuana Prevent Alzheimer’s?

medical marijuana plant

Is it possible to prevent Alzheimer’s disease by smoking marijuana? The short answer is “Yes”, but there are some things you should know before you begin. Marijuana smoked too early, too often or too late may not be helpful when it comes to preventing Alzheimer?s, but at the right time and in the right quantity it can be very beneficial.

Marijuana is not viewed as being actively good for the brain in the majority of cases. Are the consequences of Alzheimer’s disease really meant to be avoided by using a drug known for impacting memory and mental agility during use?

Normal aging prompts a series of changes in brain chemistry, and this is the answer to how medical marijuana can help in this scenario. Increasing evidence of inflammation is gradually displayed by the brain from the age of thirty onwards, according to PET imaging studies of humans. The production of new neurons  a process called “neurogenesis” that are important for making new memories begins to decline as this inflammation worsens with advancing age.

By restoring neurogenesis and reducing brain inflammation, protection from Alzheimer?s can be offered by stimulating the brain’s marijuana receptors, according to research. Rather than harming your brain, medical marijuana may well help your brain later in life. Benefits in the older brain can be produced using very little medical marijuana.

Younger brains, which do not yet show signs of inflammation, will not really benefit from medical marijuana in this instance.

The marijuana plant contains many biologically active molecules, at least sixty of which have been isolated successfully. Different pharmacological effects can be produced by the variety of active ingredients which users may be exposed to, depending on the concentrations of the various cannabinoids and other plant components present. The primary psychoactive compound, THC, is now present in many marijuana plants in very high concentrations due to deliberate breeding.

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Modern plants have been bred so that they contain less CBD ? the non-psychoactive cannabinoid that dampens THC?s effects ? than they would have centuries ago. However, significantly higher levels of CBD can be found in marijuana plants produced by certain growers.

There is ample evidence from studies on both humans and animal models that the brain processes underlying Alzheimer’s disease can be effectively slowed down through long-term daily exposure to low doses of the compounds found in the marijuana plant. It?s best to use medical marijuana from a reputable company with a license to sell such as Namaste MD.

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