Surrogacy agencies: The role and services you need


Recent years revealed a significant increase in the number of Surrogacy agencies worldwide. It is especially essential for people who want to become parents but face challenges in conceiving or carrying a pregnancy.

Let’s explore the vital role played by Surrogacy agencies and the diverse range of services they offer to assist individuals and couples dealing with infertility treatment.

Surrogacy agency: The Overview

Surrogacy agencies are specialized organizations that assist Intended parents, Surrogate mothers, and Egg or Sperm donors in navigating the process of Surrogacy.

The range of services offered may vary depending on your choice of agency and its capabilities.

Take extra care when choosing a Surrogacy agency for your Infertility treatment. Compare all the advantages and disadvantages to select the best option for expanding your family.

Surrogacy agency: The Services

The key services provided by Surrogacy agencies can be classified accordingly:

  • Matching Services

Surrogacy agencies help match Intended parents with Surrogates. They consider various factors such as medical history, preferences, and legal requirements to ensure a perfect match.

  • Health screening 

Both Surrogates and Intended parents undergo health screening and evaluation to assess their readiness for the pregnancy journey and parenthood.

  • Medical Coordination

Surrogacy agencies work closely with fertility clinics to coordinate all medical aspects of the Surrogacy journey. They can manage IVF treatments, embryo transfers, and prenatal care.

  • Legal support 

Surrogacy involves complex legal processes, so Surrogacy agencies provide  legal assistance to ensure that all contracts and agreements are correctly drawn up. It helps protect the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved.

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If you are seeking a Surrogacy agency that offers a comprehensive range of services, look no further than ADONIS Fertility International.

ADONIS Fertility International: The Full Cycle Treatment

ADONIS Fertility International is a renowned institution that offers comprehensive medical care in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technologies.

When it comes to choosing a Surrogacy agency, ADONIS Fertility International could be the one that meets all your requirements.

ADONIS offers the following services for families seeking Infertility treatment:

  • ADONIS own Egg Bank
  • ADONIS own Cryo Bank
  • ADONIS own Surrogate selection
  • ADONIS own Embryo laboratory
  • ADONIS own Medical laboratory
  • ADONIS own Maternity Houses
  • ADONIS own Legal department

In addition to the mentioned above, ADONIS Fertility International also offers access to A.EggBank, a comprehensive Donor Database featuring informative profiles, FDA-certified options, personalized approaches, and expedited delivery within the USA and worldwide (upon request).

You can always count on their logistical support, financial guidance, post-birth assistance, educational resources, and more.

Surrogacy agency can be your supporter on the way of Infertility treatment, offering a wide range of services, from screening and legal assistance to emotional support and logistics.

When making this crucial decision, select the Surrogacy agency that aligns with your needs, taking into account their services, expertise, and reputation. This careful choice will pave the way for a seamless and successful journey.

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