How to brush your teeth as a dentist does?

Keeping teeth and gums healthy is very important. The aesthetic moment is the visible part, but maintaining good functionality of teeth is essential for health. For this reason, we should visit a dentist at least once a year. He will do a checkup, give advice on improvement of oral hygiene and instructions on how to keep your smile shiny and beautiful. And he will do removing of decay. But can you do the decay removing at home as well as a dentist does in his office?

What are dentist magical tools?

When you are ready for the checkup at the dentist, you wonder what all those instruments are for and could you use one at home. Well, it is not possible for those instruments to be used outside the dental practice, but there is other equipment that you already use at home, such as a toothbrush. If you have an electric one, it is even close to the machine brush the dentist has.

Besides machine toothbrush, there are dental probes which are sharp and get into the deepest spots to check if there is decay or cavity. And don’t forget that a dentist has much better visibility of your teeth because he has much better lighting, and can take a look at your teeth from different angles, so when he does tooth brushing, he can notice every single missed spot.

Can you get similar equipment?

Even though you cannot do teeth brushing as well as the dentist does, there is equipment which you can use at home which can significantly improve the quality of your teeth cleaning. Water flossers for home are the one you should definitely have. If you use interdental floss or toothbrush, you cannot be so detailed in brushing. But, similar to the water showers at a dentist, water flossers have strong water stream that cleans your interdental space perfectly.

The electric toothbrush is good for your teeth, as long as you don’t rely on that, it will do all your job. Even with this toothbrush, you have to do part of brushing yourself. The latest trend in tooth brushing is smart electric toothbrushes which record all your movements while brushing your teeth and make a report of the quality of your brushing.

How to be sure if you did a good job?

Still, after you have all the necessary accessories for quality tooth brushing, and exercise to do it really well, you are never sure that your teeth are really completely clean. Decay detecting tablets will show you how well you brushed your teeth, by coloring the residual decay. It will show you to which areas of your teeth to pay more attention to while brushing.

Now, you might think that if you want to clean your teeth correctly, you will spend half of a day in the bathroom. But don’t worry with a little practice and tight tools, such as water flosser, electric toothbrush, and decay detector, you will brush your teeth just like professionals do!

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