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If you?ve lost a tooth, you?ll know how it can affect your self- confidence; you might find yourself feeling embarrassed when you smile, or you might just find eating and drinking uncomfortable.? Considering dental implants is beneficial not only for your self-confidence and appearance, but to protect remaining teeth from extra pressure and problems.? With affordable monthly 0% finance options available from most cosmetic dentists, it has never been easier to pay for your dental implants.? Losing a tooth can be easier than you might originally anticipate; whether that be a slip on the stairs or playing what you might have thought was a non contact sport, these things happen all too often!

Do I need them?

When you lose a tooth or have one removed, it?s not just a cosmetic concern.? Problems can occur, such as ?over-eruption?, where existing teeth grow into the gap created, causing problems with your bite.? Once these problems occur, they are notoriously difficult to treat and correct, so it makes sense to invest in one or more implants to fill your gaps.? There is constant pressure on the side of your teeth so when one is removed you can often expect your teeth to shift slightly so as said, best to get this issue resolved as soon as possible.

What is an implant?

An artificial root is created from titanium ? this metal is tested and won?t cause allergic reactions in even the most sensitive people.? In fact, titanium is the metal of choice for body piercings thanks to its hypo-allergenic qualities.? The implant is designed to fuse to your bone ? this is called ?osseointegration?.? A bespoke tooth is then created which is attached to the root.

How much does it cost?

The price of dental implants varies depending on a number of factors ? larger cosmetic dentists in big cities will obviously charge higher prices.? Expect to pay anywhere from ?1,500 – ?2,000 per tooth ? but remember that monthly payment plans can help to spread the cost, making dental implants affordable for everyone.? Whether you need a single tooth, a few teeth or a full set of implants, by attending your dentist for a consultation, you will be able to discuss your needs and the costs involved before making what is a very important decision!? You should always choose a licensed and reputable dentist who offers a 10 year guarantee for your implants.

Natural look

Dental implants provide a natural appearance and don?t damage any of your surrounding teeth ? the implant is installed and left to heal, after which time the tooth can be attached.? Nobody will ever know that it?s an implant as it has been custom designed to match your other teeth, creating the perfect smile.

Research has shown that we?re happier when we smile, so if your self-confidence levels have dropped due to missing teeth, then dental implants could be the perfect way to improve your smile and live a happier life.? Visit a cosmetic dentist or find information online so that you know what options are available to you.

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