What Salt Nicotine Is and How It Affects You


The vaping craze has taken the nation by storm. Because of its fast popularity, manufacturers are constantly trying to come out with the newest variation to keep consumers happy. The current variation people have their eye on is nicotine salts. No one product is right for everyone, but using nicotine salts may be beneficial for people trying to quit smoking. Find out more about what they are and how they affect the body.

Are Nicotine Salts The Same As Nicotine?

Sort of. The process of extracting nicotine from the tobacco leaf involves stripping it of impurities. While that sounds like a good thing, it results in freebase nicotine that is extremely strong. Thanks to the super alkaline pH of around 7 or 8, your throat is going to feel it. Freebase nicotine is widely used in the vaping industry and is likely what you’ve experienced if you vape.

The severe throat reaction upon inhalation isn’t popular with everyone. It made many users vape at smaller amounts or abandon the habit altogether. So manufacturers decided to put their heads together to come up with a solution. They needed to lower the pH level to lessen the burn. Enter nicotine salts. Nicotine salts are created when specific acids (like benzoic acid) are added to the freebase nicotine liquid to lower its pH. The hope was this would create a more enjoyable user experience.

The Pros and Cons of Nicotine Salts

As with anything, you can’t please everyone, and there will always be some pluses and minuses. We will state the facts and you can decide if it is a pro or a con for you.

  • You can vape higher doses: Because of the lower pH, many users are able to vape at higher nicotine concentrations which may help satisfy their cravings.
  • Nicotine salts are cheaper: With a lower price tag, many users are drawn to the nicotine salts.
  • Increased blood absorption rate: Nicotine salts mirror actual cigarettes when it comes to how fast it enters the bloodstream. This can help people who are trying to quit smoking.
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For those who are using vaping as a way to quit smoking cigarettes, these can be real advantages. If traditional vaping of tobacco flavored ejuice didn’t give the smoker enough of a bang for their buck, switching to nicotine salts may do the trick. Users can save money on e-juice by using nicotine salts and getting a higher amount of nicotine in less juice. The sensation is also more similar to real cigarettes which makes the transition easier for some smokers.

Nicotine Salts Are Better For Some Users Than Others

In addition to personal preference, there are real reasons why nicotine salts may be better for some people than others. Here are some reasons why switching to nicotine salts may be the right choice for you:

  • If you are trying to save money, nicotine salts give you bigger bank for your buck.
  • If you don’t want everyone to see your clouds, nicotine salts can be more discreet.
  • If you are tired of the sore throats, nicotine salts should give you a much smoother experience.
  • If you are ready to quit smoking, nicotine slats are going to provide the most cigarette-like experience.

If you’ve decided that smoking is no longer your bag, it’s time to try nicotine salts. They provide an easier transition from cigarettes than traditional vaping and can cost you less in the long run. If traditional vaping didn’t help you satisfy your cravings and you still find yourself stuck to the stick, give nicotine salts a try. They may be just what you need to leave cigarettes behind.

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