Dr. Ryan Shelton Shares 6 Alternative Medicine Doctor Types You Need to Know About

In this day and age, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all of the different types of doctors you might want to visit. There is an overwhelming amount of information out there about what each doctor can do and how they can help you. So much so that it might even make your head spin!

It’s important for your health to see a doctor when you need to. But it’s also important for you to know what type of doctor might be able to help you the most with your specific problems. And that means learning about all these different types of doctors and figuring out which one is right for you.

In this article, Dr. Ryan Shelton shares six alternative medicine doctor types you need to know about.

The Naturopathic Doctor

The naturopathic doctor (ND) is a type of alternative medicine doctor who focuses on using all-natural methods to help patients. These can include herbal remedies, adding more plants and vegetables into your diet, and making sure you get outside and enjoy the sun! They believe in preventative care and do not prescribe any medication unless absolutely necessary.

Dr Ryan Shelton suggests that you look for the following when searching for an ND:

– They are licensed, just like regular doctors

– They have experience in dealing with your specific problem or illness

The Acupuncture Doctor

Acupuncturists work with putting tiny needles into certain parts of your body to help unblock “chi” or energy. They believe that this energy flows around your body in certain channels allowing you to be healthy and feel good. The needles are only put into the surface of the skin and they do not hurt. You might even feel a little bit of pressure but no pain! Just make sure you tell your acupuncturist about any conditions you have like allergies or recent surgeries.

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The Chiropractor

Chiropractors work to fix imbalances in your spine that they believe are the root cause of many health problems. They can use different techniques including spinal adjustments, massage, and even exercises. Most chiropractors do not perform surgery but will refer you to someone else if needed.

Dr Ryan Shelton suggests that you look for the following when searching for a chiropractor:

– They are highly qualified and well trained, not someone who is just starting out or self-taught

– They offer walk-in appointments so you don’t have to make appointments weeks in advance (unless it’s for something serious)

The Herbalist

Herbalists specialize in using different plants and herbs to help improve health. They can make your teas, tinctures, and ointments based on what they believe your specific needs are. It’s important to note that not all herbalists are the same. Some might be well-versed in using plants for cooking, others can use them as a pain reliever. Make sure you let your herbalist know all about your health history and whether or not you are currently taking any medications or supplements before deciding if this type of doctor is right for you.

Dr Ryan Shelton suggests that you look for the following when searching for an herbalist:

– Their number one priority is helping you

– They have a knowledge of plants and their health benefits

The Homeopathic Doctor

Homeopaths believe that in order for someone to be healthy, they need to have a balance in all aspects of their life. This includes things like work, relationships, and even the types of food you eat. Everything from your environment to what you eat can affect your health. They do not prescribe medication but instead want to find a solution in your lifestyle that will make you healthier in the long run.

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Dr Ryan Shelton suggests that you look for the following when searching for a homeopath:

– They have an open mind and are not going to try to push their beliefs on you

– They are looking at more than your symptoms. They want to know who you are as a person to help you

The Massage Therapist

Massage therapists use different techniques like deep pressure, stretching, and kneading to help relieve pain and tension. Many also incorporate hot stones, aromatherapy, and even stretches to relax your mind. One thing to remember is that not all massages will be the same. Some might focus on a specific part of your body, like your back, while others might give you a whole-body massage.

Dr Ryan Shelton suggests that you look for the following when searching for a massage therapist:

– They are available to you right when you need them, whether it be in the morning, after work, or even on weekends

– The space they use has a clean environment and is well maintained


In this article, you have learned about six types of alternative medicine doctors. These professionals believe that there are many factors to being healthy rather than just your typical doctor visit where they just give you a diagnosis and prescribe medication. If you’re looking to find better ways to heal yourself or even prevent getting sick, start by checking out the different types of doctors in this article.

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