“Curiously Good” All Natural Juice

Wonder Juice Line
Wonder Juice Line

Are you looking for a natural nutritious beverage? , all flavors of Wonder Melon, Wonder Lemon, and Beetology made with just 3 to 6 organic ingredients, and are all-natural, organic, vegan, gluten-free, kosher, halal, non-GMO verified, certified fair trade, and contain no added sugar, artificial ingredients, or artificial colorings. Each of the three Curiously Good brands under the Wonder Juice umbrella offer multiple tasty, unique flavors.

All Wonder Juice varieties are available in low-calorie 8.45-oz. recyclable glass bottles. For more information:

  • Beetology – visit beetology.com for online ordering, distribution locations, recipe ideas, and more, and follow @Beetology on Instagram.
  • Wonder Melon – visit wondermelonjuice.com for distribution locations, further information, and more, plus follow @WonderMelonJuice on Instagram.
  • Wonder Lemon – order online and find more information at com/WonderLemon, and follow @WonderLemonJuice on Instagram.

Cold-pressed juices have been rising in popularity as a healthy and guilt-free treat and are a great way to step into a healthier lifestyle. The wonderful, bottled drinks in the Wonder Juice family are perfect for enjoying on the go, at home, or even mixed for some incredible cocktails and mocktails.

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