Cocktail/ Mocktail Mixer + Recovery Drink in One!


Whether you or whoever you’re shopping for doesn’t drink at all or loves to find the best new cocktails to try, BYB Mixers (#BalanceYourBuzz) has options for anyone on your list to make sure you win the best gift award this year. You are top shelf, so it’s time to start drinking like it.

Naturopathic Physician Dr. John Oertle formulated these vitamin and electrolyte drink mixers to replenish what alcohol depletes… for a better tomorrow. Initially created as a cocktail mixer, Balance Your Buzz can also be enjoyed as a recovery drink for the morning after (or as a post-workout replenisher) and as a tasty mocktail when water just isn’t cutting it.

In the mood for a cozy, warm drink that feels like Fall? Sip on the Apple Cider flavor warm with whiskey after a long day on the slopes or with vodka around the campfire. (Size: Pack of 20)

Is it still 70 degrees in your region? Try the Variety Pack and sip on the flavors Passion Fruit, Mixed Berry, Coconut Blood Orange, and Lemon Lime while you enjoy an endless summer. (Size: 8-Pack, 2 of each Flavor + 2 FREE Apple Cider)

Balance Your Buzz Highlights:

  • NO alcohol is included in these mixers
  • Balance Your Buzz was developed to replenish what alcohol depletes
  • Formulated by a naturopathic physician who’s created supplements for years
  • All flavors were developed to mix with alcohol:
  • Passion Fruit, Mixed Berry, Coconut Blood Orange, and Lemon Lime are made best with tequila or vodka
  • Apple Cider is made best warm or cold with whisky or vodka
  • Diet-friendly with benefits:
    • Keto-friendly – works with your diet to maintain keto-based norms
    • Gluten-free – remove potential inflammation caused by gluten
    • Low calorie – built with calories in mind, so you can party without guilt
    • Low carbs – developed to limit carbohydrates with every drink you mix
    • Vitamin-, antioxidant-, and electrolyte-rich
    • No preservatives
      • Pure ingredients
    • Includes anti-inflammatories
      • No sodium = no bloating
    • Supports stable blood sugar
      • Zero sugar and naturally sweetened
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Packs starting at $13.99 


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