Carlson Introduces Plant-Based, Vegetarian DHA Product


DHA is one of the most beneficial omega-3s, but a vegetarian diet may not provide an adequate amount. A plant-based supplement can be a great option. DHA is important for people of all ages to support cognitive, vision, and mood health. And it’s especially important for women who are pregnant or nursing, as it promotes healthy brain and vision development in growing children.

Why Plant-Based, Vegetarian DHA?

  • Promotes cognitive, vision, and mood health
  • 910 mg of DHA in a single half teaspoon
  • Plant-based and vegetarian
  • Delicious natural lemon flavor
  • Freshness, potency, and purity guaranteed

Vegetarian DHA comes in delicious natural lemon flavor and can be taken directly from the spoon or mixed into yogurt, blended into a smoothie, or poured over a salad. Carlson Vegetarian DHA provides 910 mg of DHA in each 1/2 teaspoon and is tested by an FDA-registered laboratory for potency and quality.

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