An Alternative Supplement for Depression

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14040 013 Group

Mental health concerns have skyrocketed in recent years, primarily catalyzed by the pandemic, and continued due to looming feelings of uncertainty. However, a recent study published in Psychology Today gives new hope for a natural depression treatment that targets the whole body.

Historically, it’s been believed that depression mainly stemmed from a lack of serotonin in the brain, which led experts to prescribe medications that increase that mood-boosting chemical. However, new research shows that depression may be more complex and related to inflammation, immunity, and cell regeneration.

While it’s still true that the chemicals serotonin and dopamine play a vital role in positive mental states, there’s a lot more happening elsewhere in the bodies of people suffering from depression. This new research shows that stress can cause inflammation in the body, including the brain, which boosts the production of cytokines that affect the brain’s reward center — and largely deactivate it. This deactivation leads to anhedonia, or loss of interest and pleasure, a prominent symptom of depression.

One supplement that is effective for boosting the immune system is quercetin.

Quercetin is a heavily researched bioflavonoid which is found naturally in many fruits and vegetables, although levels are highest in apples and onions. Our Quercetin includes 100 mg of Bromelain per capsule to help improve Quercetin’s absorption.

Quercetin is a potent antioxidant and is believed to help support healthy cholesterol and immune system health. Quercetin has also been shown to be a zinc ionophore, and when taken with Zinc it can help increase intracellular zinc levels.

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